Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Korean Bibimbap

Have been craving for bibimbap for few days but my chef at home dunno how to make it.. so I was "researching" how to make it... hahaha nowadays with all the search engines around, it's very easy to do research.. seems like the best recipe so far is here, I can't wait to try! but i don't have most of the ingredients.. and the ingredients seems like a lot... like 6 eggs?? i cant imagine how much it can make...

Another problem is seems like some of the ingredients come in korean name... like kochujang sauce.. where the hell can i find that? there are lots of supermarkets selling jap stuff, but i dun remember anywhere selling korean stuff.. oh man..

Maybe should try to supermarketing and make bibimbap this weekend... so exciting! :D

Anyway, guess I have to settle for Korean noodle for tonight's dinner... chef OT again..

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