Thursday, March 20, 2008

LoooOooOOooooOOOoooooong Weekend!!

Another post of random rantings...

Yeay!! today is donut day! and tomorrow is good friday (public holiday in Spore!).. followed by saturday and sunday and I'm on leave on Monday! slurp man!

Today supposed to meet up with the girls at Raffles City Shokudo.. havent tried out this place yet, it's a Marche style Japanese resto. Just like any other ppl in Singapore, we're interested about a place when there're many ppl queueing outside the place! so we proposed that Julie go there and queue! :D

Oh.. and I managed to convince my sis to setup a blog! Been convincing ppl to setup their own blog coz I like to read ppl's blog HAHAHAHA.. maybe i'm too kpo but it's interesting to know what happens on ppl's live and also what they think abt issues that's happening worlwide :p

Yesterday I finished one of the enhancement.. small enhancement but so tough to do.. spent nearly 3 weeks for me to figure out how to do this one... glad that it's working now! :)

I finally bought the Rainie Yang's CD but havent managed to convert it to mp3 to set as my ringtone.. :p

My colleague said recently i eat too well... darn... he means i'm fat loh! which is the truth lah... supposed to lose weight but actually gain almost 2 kg! i feel so sian when i have to choose clothes for work everyday, coz most of them dun really fit anymore! hikssss!!! what to do when a person who loves to eat needs to lose weight?!?!??!

My good fren told me abt the situation in her company.. shall not mention her name or her company name.. dun want to create trouble for her.. but her case is really very jialat, reminds me of those taiwan/korean drama where there're many misunderstandings that the person who has the whole picture dun bother / dun dare to speak up.. ok the story is abt this small fry in her company who always acts big and pretend that she knows everything, this girl has been pushing all the blame to my fren's dept when project launch gets delayed! make my fren looks so bad! even my fren's boss is affected.. crazy lah... i want to psycho my fren to be more daring! hahahahaha.. poison her mind.. actually dun really need lah, she herself also got enough poison oredi! HAHAHAHAHA

Enough random rantings for today.. i shall try to be more coherent next time... :p

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