Monday, March 3, 2008

My crazy siblings

On Sat night I was talking to my brother on Yahoo Messenger, he just got internet connection installed at home *finally!* so he was trying out all those stuff that he couldn't try at his office, like audibles, etc.

Then I wanted to try whether I can do a Yahoo call with him so I dialed him and then we're connected! So easy! My brother (and my 2 other siblings near him) could hear me but I couldn't hear them, so I was shouting from here "Can you guys hear me? Does my voice sound nice or not?" but I got no reply... so we just disconnected and continue talking using the normal chat window.

Brother: Your voice is normal, not very nice
Me: So mean.. Anyway I couldn't hear you guys
Brother: Just now 2 of them were shouting very loud already but I know you won't be able to hear coz I don't have microphone... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


That's how silly they are!! He knows that there's no speaker and he made his 2 younger siblings scream at the top of their lungs to reply me! OMIGOD....

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