Sunday, March 23, 2008

My eventful super long weekend

For me this weekend is from Thursday night - Monday hahaha coz Friday is public holiday and monday i'm taking a day off for my driving test..

Thursday, 20 March 2008 Evening
Ok so Thursday night we were going to Shokudo the food bazaar at Raffles City basement, when I reached there abt 6+ there was no queue so I thought I can just walk arount the mall a bit, so I walked to MPH and bumped to my ex-colleague there. We ended up going shopping! hahahah... then Siaw Ching called me so I joined her and we went to see whether there's any queue in Shokudo... whew... super long queue!! the girl who was queuing in front of us gave up the queue when her fren arrived hahaha.. in total SC and me queue for about half an hour... and Julie overslept!! She reached just as we were about to enter and Rachel was still stuck in the jam... stupid science park so far!!

So we went in and while waiting for your highness Rachel to arrive, we walked around and get drinks for ourselves.. the place is pretty impressive even though I think not as big as Marche last time.. there are quite a lot of jap food that u cant really easily find in other jap restos. Our fav is the cheese japanese pizza... i think that's what its called :p

Foods from Shokudo

Friday, 21 March 2008
Err... suddenly I cant remember what I did on Friday... I thought the GNC Gingko Biloba supposed to improve my memory!! hmm... nvm...

lets go to Saturday first..

Sat, 22 March 2008
Went for my first driving revision after I flunked my first test.. the instructor asked me what gone wrong in the first test. I told him "vertical parking" then he looked at me "huh? u mean parallel?" then i said "no, vertical. I mounted the kerb".. then he was like "oh... u mean when u wanted to park issit?" then i said "no, when I came out of the lot".. i think he couldnt believe how suay I was... HAHAHAHHA... after a few rounds he asked me how many demerit points I got, then I told him I got 16 points.. 10 points from vertical parking, 6 points on the road... HAHAHAA... so he's quite convinced that I will pass this time! yeah yeah I certainly hope so!

In the afternoon, we went to celebrate Lord's Evening Meal, this is the only event that Jesus ever specifically asked us to keep on doing in remembrance of him. Think about it, do you know any phrase in the Bible where Jesus said "Keep celebrating my birthday"?? And yet, Christmas seems like the biggest Christian celebration..

Anyway, after that we went to play pool at Jurong Entertainment Centre... very crowded with all the youngters!! Actually opening a pool centre can be quite good business, just need to rent a big space, buy a lot of second hand tables, dun even need to provide those really good ones, then the cues also buy the normal kind.. then hire a few young girls to mend the place... voila, like macham passive income! hahahah..

then after that of course go home and sleep lah... tomorrow morning still got driving lesson leh..

Sunday, 23 March 2008 Evening
Hiks.. so sad weekend is going to end....

Anyway Sunday morning I had another driving test revision. BBDC rule (or issit Traffic Police rule?) stated that if we fail our practical test, we have to take at least 2 revision lesson before we can attend the next test, so I booked mine on 2 consecutive days before the test..

Same thing, today the instructor also told me not to be nervous and there's nothing wrong with my driving.. so just drive slowly and confidently in the circuit, shd be ok one.. then on the road, this one seems like depends a lot on luck.. like today during the practise, near Bt. Gombak MRT there's one car that stop just after the yellow box! and there's a traffic police behind the car. But I didnt see the car because previously there's a big bus... then after the bus suddenly changed to the right lane, I saw the car.. by then it was too late for me to change to the right lane, and I stayed inside the yellow box! so suay loh!! lucky today is not test date!! the instructor told me that I shd have waited behind the yellow box.. I hope I can remember all these tomorrow!!

After the lesson, I went home to sleep again... so tired... woke up to cook bibimbap... oh ok! now i remember what I did on Friday.. write abt that later.. yah so the recipe that I've got is for 6 persons but there're onli 2 of us, so I just divide everything in the recipe by 3... but the food turn out to be quite a lot... then the dishes to wash also like one mountain loh.. my hubby was complaining that I used so much plates and utencils just to cook 2 portions of bibimbap! hahahahah ppl cook for him, he still complain!! :D

My very first bibimbap! A lot of hardwork!

Anyway, Friday we didnt do much stuff... we just went to the korean supermarket near Burlington Square to buy Kochujang sauce to make bibimbap.. then went to eat BK for dinner.. then walk walk at Bugis.. nowadays dun really feel gian for shopping.. maybe too streses when I think abt the amount of $$$$$ we have to pay for the house DP... and with the stoopid paycut... haiz!!!

Anyway... continue tomorrow... Man Utd VS Liverpool on now... tata...

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