Saturday, March 15, 2008

My hubby is prejudice against Mr. Bean!

I asked my hubby to take out the Chinese double happiness sticker from our bedroom door because it's been 2+ years since we got married and the sticker is now worn out. It's very sticky and hard to remove, so I suggested to him to use hot steam to remove it.. I said (my mistake!) "Lets use hot steam, like what Mr. Bean did to take out the stamp"

He looked at me in a weird way and said "You want to follow Mr. Bean? That doesn't sound like a clever idea! Mr. Bean leh!!"

I thought Mr. Bean is quite clever even though sometimes he behaves quite stoopidly hahahahha... but the idea is there, just that the implementations always gone wrong!

Anyway, my hubby used even more weird method... he tried to use hot steam from his mouth!!! *dooh*

At the time this post is being posted, he still hasnt managed to peel off the sticker... HHAHAAHAHAHA

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