Monday, March 31, 2008

Our HDB First Appointment

Today is an important day in my life but I forgot to bring camera to capture the important moment! Anyway, my hubby insisted that we took a photo so we did using our camera phones but the results was not that good, his rationale is after 2 years I kao beh kao bu and using many methods which include nagging, scolding, crying, calling mother and asking her to talk to him.. muahahahahha, finally we're getting the house!

Anyway, today went on pretty smoothly. We were all early, our appointment is scheduled at 2 PM. Hubby and I reached there before 1:30PM, kiasuism at play here! So we were walking around HDB Hub then I saw this machine that says take queue number, so I suggested we tried it out. Just key-in my hubby IC number then got number come out loh! On the paper, they tell us to wait at 2nd level so up we went.. then we realized that we're supposed to take the queue number onli AFTER everyone arrived! Ok, so there was my itchy hands on action loh :D

Then our agents arrived followed by the sellers and sellers' agent, all are pretty nice people. Overall experience dealing with them has been very pleasant so far :) So first there's a first round of assesment with the HDB officer then they told us to wait at the sofa area before we can meet another HDB officer, this time round in an office, not a counter. Then we talk n talk.. now I can't really remember what we talk abt already.. then we went to see the lawyer to settle the payment stuff..

Wah have to wait very long to meet the lawyer leh!! so busy ah!! Anyway, when it's finally our turn to be served *macham go resto hahahha*, they explained to us how much we have to pay for the downpayment from both cash and CPF. Even though we calculated it before, somehow I still feel very poor after hearing all... HAHAHAHAH.. my mom said i got 2 options:
  1. Has lots of money but continue living with in-laws
  2. Feel broke but has own house and freedom
And then this is direct quote from her "Freedom is very expensive HAHAHAHA" evil mother!!

Anyway we still gotta settle the CPF side coz my hubby used it to pay for the condo installment, so now we gotta pay back whatever amount he has used for this condo so that he dun have to set aside 50K in his CPF account... a lot of rules when buying HDB and also CPF side has many many rules loh... I wonder how those older people or those people who don't go to school can settle this stuff.. some of them might not even have access to internet, how can they research??

Anyway, after that we went to Bishan.. starving... I ate Korean fried rice cake! very shiok leh!! my hubby said it looks quite authentic.. but I think he never eat the authentic one before leh, how he know it's authentic ah?!

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