Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random rantings

Scary Neighbour...
My next door neighbour always bang their doors, no matter which day or which time it is! My MIL complained to the guard before and the guard told her that the elderly couple's son is a bit retarted, and very bad tempered... so it could be him... the guy is about early-mid 30s..

Last weekend I was alone at home coz my hubby attended a fren's wedding.. then when i was in the kitchen, I heard a loud glass crash sound.. so I ran out to the window... and i saw my neighbour's window is smashed! the top part has come off (with pieces of it probably dropped to the floor!) and quite a big piece of it is still hanging on the frame... i was trying to call the guard house.. so many times!! nobody pick up!! then after a while i heard some commotion outside the unit.. so i took a peek thru the door peeking hole.. and i saw men in uniform.. i assume they are civil defence or paramedics...

The men in uniform brought a wheelchair up but at the end noone was sitting on it.. I saw an old man and a younger man appear from my neighbour's unit.. n heard sth like "the bleeding.... stop...." all sounds fuzzy btw..

but when i looked out of my window again, the glass is still there! i was so worried that it might drop anytime and hit ppl below! So I tried calling the guard house again and after awhile someone pick up and said that "We know abt the incident.. my supervisor is there"..

I think they took about more than an hour to to remove that glass... if the wind is strong, the glass might drop... killer litter!!

Gross Neighbour
Another litter bug is someone who live in my condo, as same location as my unit, higher floor.. not sure which floor though... first I notice there was a plaster on the master bathroom outer window... *how to remove?!* so we left it there hoping that the rain will wash it away...

few days after that.. a bigger plaster was on the window!! together with the old plaster!! so irritating!!!! then few days ago, even more disgusting looking stuff dropped on my window!!! all these ppl.. have $$$ to stay in condo but so uncivilized!! dun they have dustbin inside their house?? why must throw out of the window?!?!?!

I tried to wash the window but the space between the wall and the window is really too tight.. no way to put my hand out with a water hose to clean the window!!! arrghh!! irritating!!!

Work-related stress
For the current project that I'm working on, I took over it early last year.. but there are still some part of it that works like mystery to me... and quite a lot of time I have to make changes or do enhancements to the code... really make my life so tough... I feel so tempted to suggest to my boss to lets just throw away this old stuff and revamp the whole thing! But, this kind of large scale project.. who's willing to sponsor? *pull out hair*

Sometimes many things are out of my control but I'm supposed to make things work.... *pull out hair again...*

My consolation is now that my boss is willing to send me for courses and certifications, I suggested Sharepoint training which cost 1K+ then he suggested MCPD which cost 3K+ hahahaha.. but it's still undergoing approval though.. no need to feel so excited yet :p

Hubby-related stress
He always gotta work late! Even after he tender, those idiots at his company still can't take over what he was supposed to handover... how are they going to survive without him!?!?! Heard that his boss cried *MUAHAHUAUAHUHAUHAA* when he mentioned that he's leaving.. and yesterday anoter staff resigned and that same boss cried again *MUAHUAHUAHUAHHAUHAUHAUA* but my hubby is really naive, ppl just throw him stuff to do and he just take it, the reason is because he's the supervisor so he gotta take care of his staff... i'm thinking why his lame manager dun take care of him... sigh... anyway, it's good that now she knows how to cry... when she give ppl bad rating, she shd have known that this is coming!! HUOGAI.... when u dun appreciate ppl and treat ppl like s**t, dun expect ppl to respect u and work for u!! oh man, i wish i got the chance to say this to CKP last time...

Weight Issue!!
I'm still not losing any weight, unlike my successful friend Mira.. hahaha... some more I gained almost 2 kg!! oh man.. what's happening.... I don't eat much.. even though I imagine food like donuts and bibimbap all the time *Akh & Jess fault because they always talk abt donuts!!*... but thinking abt food doesnt make u fat, does it?!

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