Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yu-hee The Witch

I finished another Korean drama over the weekend and now time to write another review! HAHAHAA Jess said my blog is full of Korean drama =p, well that's probably quite a lot of my time is spent on it.. =p

Anyway, this drama is about a girl called Yu-hee, which is nicknamed "The Witch" by her subordinates because of her straight forward and no-nonsense behaviour. She always gets what she wants in business and work. But when it comes to romance, she's totally clueless. She ruined *and get rejected* many many blind dates (seems like a popular thing in Korea.. hehe..)

The movie is really funny and Han Ga in is so pretty... I thought her nose is fake, but I searched the internet and everyone says that her nose is real and that she has been famous for her perfect nose ever since she come into showbiz.. sth like that lah..

There are few other characters in this TV series:
  • Moo-ryong: scratched Yu-hee's car and so owe her lots of money, and has to work as her housekeeper (coz her own housekeeper kept on quitting.. cant stand her!) and then also double as her love coach... I don't believe normal guys know how to do all those clothes styling that he does in the show!
  • Moo-ryong's gf who is also a manager in the resto where Moo-ryong works
  • Dennis Oh acts as Yu-hee's best friend and coincidentally is also Moo-ryong's boss..
  • Joon-ha: Yu-hee's first love... looks quiet but poisonous inside!! dun like this guy... everytime always acts as bad guy.. even in Princess Hours too!!
  • Yu-hee's dad... irritating old man...
  • Yu-hee's bimbotic secretary
  • Yu-hee's stoopid assistant who always backstab her and reports everything she does to her dad
So a lot of the scene takes place in Yu-hee's house and in Moo-ryong's work place... I had a hard time guessing the ending of this show.. hahaha.. coz I thought someone else was going to get together with Yu-hee at the end :p

And some clip from YouTube.. there's some spoiler in it.. dun play if you dun wanna know the story before u watch it..

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