Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Someone's god sis in MTV

My colleague said the girl in the clip is his god sis.. quite chio eh.. I wonder how he managed to convince her to become his god sis! HAHAHAAH

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i'm initiative

I'm down with fever, cough and flu today and didn't do or accomplish much things today. So when I received an email from Windows Live Messenger i'm initiative, I thought I should do something useful.

So I installed the banner from i'm initiative. If you don't know what that is and why it is useful, you should click on it. In short, Microsoft will donate some money to charity organization of your choice when you chat using Windows Live Messenger. At least that should make you feel better when you are cyberloafing at work!

Monday, April 28, 2008

One day in an IT person's life...

Today I started off my day on the wrong foot.. not feeling well, grumpy, lazy, sleepy, and with a negative thinking that today is going to be a bad day! Bad mistake!

Lunch time I packed my lunch from OCK and eat in the office.. how sad...

But towards 3 PM things started to look better, my current so-called big project *the one where the CEO and CTIO have special interest in* is looking better, because I managed to customize the search form and make the search result appear quite chio using XSL transformation.. hahahaha..

So I told my boss that he can test already BUT it didn't appear quite chio on his screen... it was cut-off because the iframe was not expanded properly on his screen... *user problem lah*

So I got 2 more colleagues to test.. their results turn out to be quite good.. so 3 VS 1.. of course 1 lost lah hahaha..

So now I'm feeling much better as I'll be able to reach another milestone of this project *oh wait, it's not even a project yet! It's just a POC!* but still, it feels good when something that you develop turns out the way you want it to be.. in this case, the part that i develop is just the look-and-feel, the engine itself is from Google.

It reminds me of the old times when I did lots of customized program from clients. Everything is within our own control, you can change the code whichever way you want, and it was so much easier to maintain and support. In my current job, we utilized lots of third party softwares. It has much more features but in a way make my life more difficult.. and users think that it's ur fault when there's a bug! *pull hair*

Anyway, since today solved 1 problem oredi so can go home early *grin*

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Money money money!!!

Recently I've learnt a lot about money because we're buying our first house. The thing is this realization came a bit too late as I only started saving when we were actively looking for house already, and at this time the housing market is so hot, every sellers are asking for high cash above valuation.

I started living a super frugal and trifty live in December and has since managed to save about 10K.. not bad eh.. and my hubby has been saving way long before that, so he has some cash.. but we gotta pay quite a huge sum of cash downpayment, and that wiped out our entire saving! *kaching kaching kaching*

Today we went for our final inspection at the new house. I still like the house a lot, even when it's empty and we can start seeing some dirt and patches on the wall. That helped us to decide that we should repaint the whole house *grin* Ok, that is about 1.5K *kaching*

And we're also going to take out some of the fixed items that are sticking to the wall.. probably cost another 500 bucks.. *kaching*

But overall, the feeling of the house is nice and we really think that it's a good buy :)

And our experience with this house buying has been really pleasant. Our agent followed us wherever we go and put up with our (ahem maybe mine) fickleness and choosiness, she has brought us almost all over Singapore to view units. And she's always present in all our appointments, where sometime other agents just disappear after HDB 1st appointment. Ours even offered to collect the key on our completion date, and will deliver the key to our current place. Sweet girl :) Anyone looking for house or want to sell your place, I can recommend you this agent. She'll make sure that she take care of you well :D

And our seller has been really nice as well. They kept the house really clean and tidy before they pass it to us. They even gave us the wiring specs/plan (I think that's what it's called) from the designer (they did reno previously) so that next time we don't have to open up the ceiling to know what's going on inside there!

So today we measured the kitchen, to make sure that we buy washing machine and refrigerator that can fit into it. I think we have to forget about the Toshiba fridge with the automatic ice maker as that one is a bit too wide. And we had wanted to buy a 9-kg washing machine, but seems like we have to buy a smaller one now. So washing machine probably about 600 bucks *kaching* and fridge about 1K *kaching*.. darn, I feel broke already...

We also measured the size of all the windows so that we can make the curtain... money money money.... I remember making curtain is quite expensive! *kaching kaching*

Afterwards, we went to International Furniture Centre at Sungei Kadut to see some furnitures. I still like Mondi design the best but their price is quite expensive! I was also trying to find OM furnitures. Jess said they have really nice and cool sofa, but seems like they don't have any store there. I think for the next few months, my pay will go into buying all these furnitures.. *kaching kaching*

BOSS, if you are reading my blog, u get the hint? *grin*

Anyway the moral of the story is money is very important. It can't buy you happiness but it can buy you stuff that makes you feel happy... :D

Friday, April 25, 2008

Scary things that can happen in Singapore

I received this mail from a friend today and I'd like to share it with my reader, whoever you are *grin*

Better be safe than sorry!

This is very true... It happened to my parent's flat in Woodlands in few occasions. Called the police but apparently the police in our neighbourhood is not helping :(

Happening 1
It also happened to my colleague who is staying in Clementi, no other block facing his block, quite quiet, only his wife was at home but all windows closed & padlock on the gate. Something happened, a guy used keys & was trying to open the door, my colleague's wife heard the noise & opened the door, the guy saw her & just said something like 'Oh sorry, wrong house', he was holding this big bunch of keys, obviously he was up to no good, but it didn't occur to them to report it to the police. This is to warn and alert those staying in HDB.

Happening 2
It happened at my place (Clementi) last Sunday morning. My sister heard some noise at our main door( it started since 5am plus). Seems like someone is trying to open our main door and main entrance. Initially, she thought that it was someone from our family but when she look through the door, it was someone else..... a dark man wearing checks shirt - nationality unknown as he's very tan. When my father opened the door and confronted him, he gave an excuse that he's looking for someone and made a mistake. He apologized and walk away.

Happening 3
That's not all... this morning, my sister told me that her boyfriend's flat in Ang Mo Kio also encountered the same case as above. A man trying to open their door early in the morning and ran away when the owner opens the door.

Be WARNED... make sure your doors are always securely locked.
Call the police immediately.
DON't Open the door to confront them..(we made a mistake here ), the person might be armed..
Be alert at all times especially during the bad times now.

I wonder if anybody have such experience.. It seems like it is happening here and there.. 3 cases that i've known so far. Real story from someone in Singapore . Not to scare you but just for precaution... A chilling yet important tip.

Another separate happened scenario
I would like to warn women, especially young women,about the danger of giving their car keys with their house keys attached to anyone.

A good friend's daughter went to a well-known tire company to have a flat tire repaired while she waited. Without thinking, she handed her key ring with all her keys on it to the serviceman and waited. What she didn't know is that most of these places also have machines that make copies of keys.

One of the servicemen copied her apartment key, and two days later, entered her apartment late at night and raped her. This was a business she frequented, and they had all the information in their computer about where she lived, her phone number, etc.

The man was caught months later and the police found out that he had done this before. He is now in jail, and my friend's daughter is trying to go on with her life.

I called my daughter right away and told her this story so she could learn from it, too. Please, warn your readers to have their personal keys on another key ring or have a key ring that separates the car keys from one's personal keys. Perhaps this will save another woman from tragedy. You may never know how many tragedies you have prevented today.

So gentlemen, though your chances of getting rape is slim, you may get robbed. Nevertheless do your wife or lady friends a favour, caution them!

I don't know whether the above stories are real, but it's really better to be sorry!

Celebration celebration...

Today we treated ASP Team leader to lunch to celebrate her being a year older and still being our fren. Yesterday was her last day at the company that she was working at, and today she is not working. So SHIOK ah!

So we call her to come to Tanjong Pagar area and meet us for lunch at Coffee Club. As usual, she's the last one to reach loh! Big shot must reach the last haahhahah

We talked and talked.. and still havent finished talking when we were leaving.. but since 2 of us still have to go back to office, so we call it a day :p

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Couple or Trouble

Just finished watching this series yesterday, the story felt kinda similar and it turned out that this is actually adapted from an old movie titled "Overboard" where a rich woman fell from her yatch to the sea and got amnesia. And her husband found out but refused to bring her back due to various reasons. That's all I remember about the old show, but I guess the main storyline is kinda similar.

In the Korean drama adaptation, the girl is called Cho Anna, she's very very rich and also very mean. When she doesn't like something, she doesn't mince her words. And most of the time, she doesn't have any liking towards anything and she's very hard to pleased. She's also very harsh to all her employees, firing them when they make even tiny mistakes. Her favourite phrase is "So low class!" HAHHAHAHAHA... the way she says it is so funny that I kept on repeating it :D

Cho Anna's husband is a very timid guy so when he found out that Anna is actually still alive, he tried many ways to stop her from coming back. Anna also made another enemy when she just came back from US. She hit a guy with a shovel because she thought the guy was a murderer. And coincidentally, Anna's staff called Cheol-su to fix her yatch bathroom. After some argument, Anna pushed Cheol-su out of her yatch and into the sea, and even tossed his working equipment to the sea!

Cheol-su found out that Anna has amnesia and decided to make her pay for what she owe him, so he bluffed her that Anna is actually Na Sang Sil and she's his girlfriend! So she has to do houseworks and take care of Cheol-su's 3 nephews!

It's also quite funny how the ghost images of Anna keep on appearing in her husband's mind even after he found out that she's not dead HAHAHAHAHA.. such a coward!!

The have a nice official website too. Too bad I can't read Korean language.. must learn!!

Don't ask me why I'm so crazy about Korean dramas... I don't know the reason either... :p

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is your water bottle safe?

Jess sent me this video today and I thought it's good to share it with more people. After watching this video, I checked my water bottle that I drank from in the office EVERYDAY, it's number 7! I think I have to throw it away but it's so cute! HAHAHAHA :D

The conclusion is do not reuse those plastic water bottle that companies use to sell their mineral water or soft drinks. And go check the bottom of your plastic bottles, look for the recycle / triangle sign, avoid no. 3, 6, and 7 because those are the types that contains dangerous chemicals.

Well, better be safe than sorry :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

High demand for HDB Flats

This is the news about recent sales of new HDB flat at Yahoo News

I'm glad that we're not still trying our luck trying to get a new HDB flat, I still remember the frustration of waiting for the ballot number to come out, only to get bad news that we are not selected, or even when we did get selected, our number is like almost at the bottom!

As for BTO, it's really hard to say.. maybe lots of people intended to buy it but when they think about the completion date and then maybe the unit that they want is already snapped up. Buying a house is really one of the big decision that people have to make in their life. I don't understand why some people can quickly judge those people who didnt take a flat when they have the queue number. Well, if you buy HDB flat, you're going to be stuck with that flat for at least 5 years, shouldn't your consider that more carefully?

And BTO flat completion date is 5 years from the purchase date, I think couples who will need flat 5 years from now, most of them maybe are not even dating yet?

Anyway, this is over for us, we have our own flat now. So other desperate flat buyers, do consider resale flats. It's much faster and less stressful! :)

That's all for now, going to IKEA now to hunt for furnitures for our new house!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful Life

Despite my busy schedules.. chatting... blogging... working... playing game... doing websites... conference calls... finally I managed to finish watching this drama series! yay!

The story is about a girl (Sejin) who came to Singapore to "meet" her crush, and there's another guy (Seungwan) who came to Singapore to celebrate his girlfriend (Chaeyoung)'s bday. But actually CY is two-timing SW with another guy, Donhyu, who is richer and supposedly more handsome than SW (They should have chosen another guy to play this so-called handsome guy!!!!)

Actually Sejin's crush has died when he drowned in Sentosa *how tragic is that!!!* so she was coming (or shd I say going? but it's weird to say going coz to me she's coming to spore... oh well...) to say good-bye or say hi or whatever lah..

Sejin's and SW's passports got accidentally exchanged when they bumped into each other at Changi Airport... and they ended up cheering each other up since they are both heartbroken.. and after a drunken night, they had a one night stand in Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Resort *faint!! this place holds an important memory for me leh....*

Anyway, since they didnt really like each other in the first place, they didnt continue with their relationship and went back to Korea separately.. BUT Sejin found out that she was pregnant and decided to give birth to the baby without telling SW about it. She quitted school and went to sth like a nursery to give birth, giving up her dream to become a diplomat.

But Sejin's sister couldn't stand seeing her sister suffer by herself, so she went to crash SW's dad 60th birthday party, and told everyone that SW has a baby (at this time SW has patched back with CY) so everything became very messy and at the end the 2 sides of parents forced them to get married!

Anyway, side track a little bit.. they really chosen a very cute baby to act the part! And the 5-year old Shinbi (the daughter name) is also very cute. Her eyes are sooooo huge!! I'm so jealous! I wish my eyes are that big :D

Ok continue to the story...

CY kept on trying to win SW back.. DY falls in love with Sejin... Sejin and SW fall in love with each other but Sejin thinks that SW is still in love with CY and SW thinks that Sejin is in love with DY! ARGH stupid ppl! Sometimes the misunderstanding parts can be really irritating lah! In real life, does it really happen that often?!?! If you like a person, then just tell that person lah! dun need to give so much false impressions.. *duh*

The rest of the story... you have to watch it :)

Singapore is suburb

Jess made some funny calls to Prata today.. she said "muthu curry" HAAHHAHAHHA... that reminds me of this funny M1 advert sometime ago, turn on your speaker :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The room that I'm gonna miss the most..

Is the master bedroom... TOILET... coz it's so big and feel so luxurious, never seen a toilet bigger than this in Singapore, even those landed property ones are mostly smaller than this toilet. My in-laws are really nice, they let us have the master bedroom and they take the common room. Very rare u know...

And when I move to my own HDB flat next time, the toilet will be about 1/3 of the current toilet's size!

I'm gonna miss you!!

And since the toilet is so big, I can actually put in lotsa stuff in there!!

My mini Bodyshop counter... pls ignore the dust.. hahaha

And many other vain stuff...

And this is where I spent abt 20 minutes every morning...

Followed by another 20 minutes here... painting my face...

So how do I fit all these into my new small toilet?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Essential items for my house

Since we are on tight budget after paying for the house downpayment, we really have to be very patient when buying stuff for our new house.. cannot buy the whole set of Samsung home theatre at one-go! :(

Ok.. here we go...

  • Bed - sleeping is very important for my well-being lah.. else i will be like zombie, then very cranky.. then very tired.. cannot go to work.. then cannot earn money... then cannot buy the rest of the furniture!! Anyway, we'll be using our matrimony (correct word?) bed, not going to buy a new one

  • Refrigerator - also very important item.. this is where we make ice water!! and keep food good :)

  • Washing machine - another very important item.. cannot expect me to handwash right....

  • Sofa - can do without.. maybe we can go Japanese style and sit on the floor! The previous owner said that they can leave the sofa for us if we want :)

  • Coffee table - also can do without.. even though the house will look very empty with no sofa and no coffee table lah...

  • TV - MUST MUST HAVE!! And must have DVD player as well so that I can carry on with my daily Korean drama activities!

  • Rice cooker - Jess said she'll buy for me, so this one no need to worry hahahha

  • Dining table - errm... we eat outside? My bro's definition of eating outside is "bring the dining table out and eat outside" *faint*

  • Wardrobe - oredi built-in by the previous owner

  • Shoe rack - not urgent..

After listing the items here.. seems like not that much actually... or am I missing lots of stuff??

So excited that finally.. i mean FINALLY we are getting our own flat! I can't wait to shift there loh! I told my hubby must shift ASAP but he said must find good date.. i thought the best date is ASAP!!

And we havent decided whether we are going to repaint the house. It looks very clean and not much work needed to be done on the house when we went there for house viewing, but we shall see again after the seller has moved their stuff out.. clearer view loh.. :)

In the meanwhile, any good lobang for paint job?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Batam Trip - Harris Resort

My hubby is on 2 weeks break so he wants to go on a holiday. But since we are on the save-money-mode, we decided that this holiday shouldn't require us to take the airplane (actually wanted to go back Taiwan but the air tix are too exp!!) so after much consideration, we decided that we should go BATAM!

One of my colleagues asked "Why you choose to go to the ugly island? Why not go some West Malaysia island?" err.. actually i dun really like to go Msia loh, coz gotta go thru the crammed and smelly JB immigration checkpoint.. You can really feel the difference when you go out of Spore custom and in to JB custom... heaven n earth.. And now with the Mas Selamat on the run, the queue at the custom is so long!! I dun even want to attempt trying to pass the custom lah, sekali after 3 days still stuck there!!

Ok so anyway, we took a ferry from Harbour Front ferry terminal to Batam's Waterfront City terminal, I think it took abt 40 minutes.. quite fast.. can't remember coz I was busy eating my chips *finished 1.5 pack of chips before the ferry moved...* and sleeping after that.. HAHAHAHA talk abt dieting...

Hubby with WFC custom in background

The resort that we stayed in is called Harris Resort, seems like it's quite popular for ppl who go there for holiday coz the place was fully booked even though now is not holiday season..

When we reach there, they gave us welcome drink, strawberry yogurt *yummy.. healthy...* and there's a big plate of welcome cookie as well, the girl said it's home-made, I wonder which of the staff made the cookies at their own house.. and then bring it to the hotel??

The home-made welcome cookie

After we checked-in to our room, as usual, I SLEPT until dinner time while my hubby walked around to check out the area, not bad.. he found a local eating place.. so for dinner, I gotta eat my long lost comfort food.. BAKSO!! wah the chili is soooo nice!! I think my lips got a bit numb after eating the chili.. *typing abt it now make my saliva come out..* and of course.. no photo.. coz when the food came, we just can't spend time to take photo of it lah... so hungry oredi...

Next day we had a full day activities inside the resort itself coz they have many facilities.. we started by breakfast.. again.. no photo.. coz too hungry... *grin*

then wanted to play bowling but all the lanes are occupied by some bowling club.. so we went for go-kart.. onli 12 bucks per person for 10 mins.. cheap or exp? anyway, my arms n palms were aching after that.. no power steering!! And the helmet was so huge and heavy!! and smelly....

Messy & damp hair after go-kart.. gross!

Then after all the gross stuff stuck on us.. we decided to put on more gross stuff... we went cycling! HAHAHAHHAA.. so long never cycle, my butt was so painful loh! I wonder how last time I can cycle the whole day.... :S

Then after adding more n more gross stuff to ourselves, we decided to go swimming and leave all our dirts inside their swimming pool! HUAHAHHAHAHA.. we borrowed a ball *they gave us soccerball* to play water polo.. but I think it's a bad move lah, coz my hubby has an unfair advantage over me.. :(

The super big swimming pool

There are a lot of sun tanning place around the swimming pools.. very chio... I can't resist to take photos of them.. feel so touristy leh..

Pls ignore the fatty in the photo

After so many activities.. went back to shower.. and me as usual go to sleep, I think my hubby went to the foot reflexology place.. poor reflexologer *got such word?* coz I think the bottom of his feet very thick! HHAHAHAHA

The foot reflexology place.. which is opposite the childcare place..

I think this resort is damn cool, they have a place called the Dino place or watever the name is where you can just dump ur kids there, and the hotel staff will entertain them.. make those long long balloon or play watever games with them.. I saw one of the hotel staff playing badminton with one of the kiddos.. well, I guess their job is quite fun. Next time when we have kids, we shd certainly go to this place again :)

Then after I wake up with body aching and stomach ache... we decided to go for dinner *complimentary from the hotel*, the dinner place is so nice and romantic loh.. and the food is quite nice also, we ordered pizza, sweet sour chicken and sotong :)

At least this time round we managed to take photo of the food, or whatever is left of the food..

Oh and my hubby was waiting for Man Utd VS Arsenal match.. first he waited for it on Sat night, when the match is on Sunday night! Then on Sunday night, we tuned to ESPN but it kept on showing F1 race!! so irritating!! At the end we didnt get to watch the match at all.. anyway, Man Utd still won! YEAH YEAH! Yihaa! Still can't believe that ESPN didnt show it though....

Then we went to play pool *1 buck per game*.. hahaha I beat my hubby for all the games! Except for those that I hit the black ball in and the white ball follows.. but still I cleared more balls first.. my lucky table... wanted to buy it and bring back to Spore... but according to my hubby I should buy the big fan instead, coz the big fan is the one helping me to blow the pool balls inside the hole.. *is he delussional?!*

My lucky pool table

Last breakfast in Batam.. die die must take photos lah..

But still onli remember to take photos towards the last part..

Then after breakfast, we went to play bowling *must use the complimentary voucher that they give mah*.. I think there's sth wrong with their lanes leh.. how come my ball always go to the left... ?!?!?

Bowling shoes are designed to make you look like Ronald MacDonald's sister...

Then we went to Nagoya or Nagoya City or Nagoya Hill, dunno what is the correct name.. anyway we went to this shopping centre lah.. seems like nothing much to buy leh.. at the end I onli bought one Maybelline mascara.. onli 9 bucks leh... in Spore sure more exp than that.. and we ate KFC.. omigod I think during this trip I ate non-stop.. and sleep a lot.. I dun eve dare to step on the weighing scale...

Anyway, back in S'pore.. back to normal life.. watched Korean drama... worked during the night.. blogged during the day..

Friday, April 11, 2008

Torres Speed Painting.. so cool...

My "not so hi-tech" bro found the link to the 2nd part of the Steven Gerrard Painting Photoshop clip, I was searching for Steven Gerrard photoshop part 2 and couldn't find.. reason is part 2 is Torres!! haiz!! why never say so earlier?!

Anyway, this is the clip from YouTube.. this person is so coool loh.. For a moment, I even suspected that Photoshop has a function to do speed painting if you feed it with a photo! But my bro said no such thing *should I believe him?*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And so i thought he was hi-tech...

Ok so previously I thought my brother was quite hi-tech.. not long after I posted "Discovering Opera", he noticed it and said "Wow! You are fast! You even updated your blog already and with picture!"

Next sentence he said.. "You took photo of your screen?"


So after that I went on to teach him how to do "Print Screen". Ok for people who doesn't know, you can capture your whole screen or part of your screen by doing Print Screen.

How to do Print Screen?

There's this button in your keyboard that says "Print Screen" or sometimes if your keyboard is small, they will write as "Prt Scr". Mine says "PrtSc". Press that and open Paint or Adobe Photoshop or MS Word.. anything really.. something that you can put picture in, and then "Paste" a.k.a. Ctrl-V *Please don't tell me you don't know how to paste...I'll tell you to get out of my blog*

If you just want to capture the active window, you can press "Alt + PrintScreen" and then paste it to your own picture editor.. voila!

Anyway, back to my brother... I forgive him for the mistake because I realized that I also only found out how to use print screen when I was in uni.. but hey, at that time we didn't use computer that often.. Anyway, life is about learning and improving yourself... I know what he intend to do with his newfound knowledge.. He's going to steal images from sites that don't allow you to right-click on the images! HAHAHHAHA

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Discovering Opera

Today during conversation with my brother, he told me that he's using Opera browser and I was like "WHAT?! He's more hi-tech than me" coz he's not using the regular browser like IE7 and Mozilla.. so being the older and supposedly more hi-tech sister, I gotta try it for myself!

Oh man!! Opera is so cool! and the interface is soooooo nice! And the sites seem to be loading much faster in Opera HAHAHA.. am I being biased? There's this feature from Opera called "Speed Dial" that functions just like your phone speed dial, so you can just type 1 to 9 and it will open a new tab just like how you set the speed dial..

And these are my 9 speed dials site. Being the narcist me, of course my own blog is no 1 HAHAHAHA.. and the rest are frens' blogs that got updated often.. and some other sites that I like :)

In case you are wondering, no. 8 is not porn website! It's Victoria's Secret website! The place where you can get wonderful bras and cute panties :D


This is another movie from Disney, started in cartoon where the Prince saved the Princess from a Troll (some kind of slimey monster) and they fall in love and "shall be married in the morning" hahahah even though they just gotta know each other in less than a day! *faint*

The Prince's evil step mother thinks that whoever marry her stepson will snatch her throne away from her, so she tried to get rid of her by sending her to a place where there's no "happily ever after" which is New York City HAHAHHAHAHA..

Anyway things started to get twisted when she reaches NYC coz she was so out of place, and then a man and his daughter spotted her and helped her out, while she waits for her Prince Charming to come and rescue her..

The funny one is actually the chipmunk who is called "Pimp" or "Peep", dunno how to write its name.. but the name sounds weird! this chipmunk is the princess' friend and he was trying to help the Prince finds and saves the Princess :D

Meanwhile the evil step mother can communicate with her assistant thru any mean of water.. like soup, martini, gallon of water... lame...

Overall, quite entertaining especially if you believe in "happily ever after" :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Shopaholic & Baby

This is the latest edition of the Shopaholic books. The story is about this shopaholic called Becky or Rebecca Bloomwood who is crazy for branded stuff like shoes and handbags! hahahah typical girls, i think i know a few of becky bloomwoods in real life :D

So in this book, Becky got pregnant after gotten married to her handsome and rich husband, and they went for a 1-year honeymoon (lucky b**ch!).. so she was a bit of a mum-zilla in the book coz everything has to be branded, even for gynae, she gotta have the celebrity gynae! hahahaha.. she appears a bit shallow in almost the whole book except for the few parts that she has some bright ideas to save her hubby's company..

And the so-called celebrity gynae that she signed up with turned out to be her hubby's sexy and beautiful ex-gf!! disaster loh!! and more over this ex gf is determined to snatch him back.. omigod... so thick skinned and irritating!! feel like smacking the person.. i mean if she really exists in real life lah :D

Funny thing is when she wanted to name her baby "Birkin".. reminds me of my "/peng" MSN emoticon!!

Reading this book... and the recent baby happenings.. make me feel like having my own baby.. and I guess we're ready now.. since we finally have our own flat, can move there next month.. and we'll get a car when my hubby get his license.. what else.. hm... things start to look good for us since March :)

Steven Gerrard Painting

Whoever was doing the photoshop thinge is damn lihai!! Soooo cool! It looks like photo! Anyway, I'm not Gerrard nor Liverpool fan, just find that this painting is really cool... wonder when I'll be able to master Photoshop like that...

Part 1

And I couldn't find part 2.... Let me know if you find it...

Alvin and The Chipmunk

We rented the VCD over the weekend and it was really hillarious loh! I wish my hubby can sing like the chipmunks! hahahaha... I particularly like the song with the "hulaaaa hoop...."

The story line is about 3 chipmunks, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore who live in a tree but suddenly the tree was cut off to make christmas tree, so they ended up in an office building, and then they sneaked into someone's muffin basket and went to the person's home! So exciting.. anyway, chipmunks look like squirrel.. can't tell what the difference is..

Alvin is the most active chipmunk, and Simon is SHORT-SIGHTED!!! How can animal be short-sighted?! They don't even read or study!! HAHAHAHA.. and Theodore is the fat one... and a bit "retarted".. they said he fell off the tree at birth.. HAHHAHAHAHA :D

So these 3 chipmunks can sing AND DANCE!! very funny loh!! And singing chipmunks can make big bucks so some ppl try to exploit them but their "daddy" came back to save them :D

Overall, very funny and entertaining :)

Looking forward to the other 2 movies that we rented.. and next 2 weeks hubby not working.. so we can have a blast at home :p

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Save Your Last Dance For Me

Another Korean show that I really like :)

The story is about this girl Eunsoo who runs a rented villa with her dad. One day while driving at night with her dad, she found someone badly injured and sent the person to hospital. The guy was injured so badly that he's got amnesia, so Eunsoo and her dad took him in and let him stay with them while helping them out as well. They even gave him a name Jiyi (at least that's what the Malay subtitle says lah coz I couldn't find any with English sub AGAIN!)..

Eunsoo and Jiyi fall in love and they got engaged, but after the engagement her dad died and soon Jiyi disappeared. So Eunsoo tried to find him, and so coincident Jiyi actually worked in the same company as Eunsoo's best friend. Turned out that he has regained his memory but lost the memory of the past 1 year where he stayed with Eunsoo's family.

And someone is plotting to kill him and take over his family business. There's also a girl who has liked Hyun Woo (Jiyi's really name), since she was 15 years old!! OMIGOD! How stupid can she be!! Anyway, she is used to waiting for this guy, so the guy sort off felt bad for her, and even said to her that one day if he decided to get married he'll marry her, so it's like giving her false hope! Quite bad also..

Which gives another point to ponder..

If you are an outsider, you'll think that Eunsoo is the third party coz this couple has been "together" for a long time, moreover the guy has promised to marry her even though he doesnt love her. And during the 1 year that everyone believe Hyun-woo has died, she kept on waiting for him to return.. silly girl..

But she also did a lot bad things after knowing that Eunsoo is actually Hyun-woo's fiancee when he lost his memory lah, so maybe this is the way that the producer use to make us feel not so bad for her hahahaha..

But there's another point of view..

Will you marry someone that you don't love? Or will you marry someone who doesnt love you?

I think in this case, the guy is at fault because he gives the girl false hope...

Anyway, I think this is a really nice show, especially since the guy falls in love with the same girl TWICE... when he lost his memory and even after he regained his memory and not knowing her, he falls in love with her again... SO SWEET loh!! :D

I asked my hubby if he ever lost his memory, will he fall in love with me again? He said "SURE!" hahahhaha... silly man :D

Friday, April 4, 2008

Second IR?

Wah.. is my in-laws' property going to increase value? This is like the 2nd IR like..

Government announces plans for Jurong Lake District

Maybe by then Jurong will be like Marina Bay or Sentosa Cove area.. hehehe I wish loh :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

In A Perfect World...

We are all good looking.. healthy.. slim.. happy..
Nice figure..
Nice hair..
We all have a happy complete family.. father, mother, brother, sister..
We have a job that we loves.. preferably 3 days week 9 - 12..
Or better still we live happily even if we don't have a job..
Oh well, food is on the table even without working..
Just plug it from the tree like what Adam and Eve did last time..
Nobody will fall sick..
Nobody will die.. but the Earth will never be too full..
There will be enough houses for everyone..
Everyone likes each other..
No traffic jam..
No squeezing in MRT..
No queue for donut.. you can get it anytime you want..
You'll never be late for anything..
All food taste nice..
All songs sound nice..
All pictures look nice..
You can travel anywhere you want because travel agencies are charity organizations..
No terrorists coz everybody loves each other..
Noone cares about Miss World/Universe coz we'll have world peace there..
All lawyers are honest..
Eating 100 donuts wont make you fat..

Who wants to go to the perfect world?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - April

Resolution time again. I think I did pretty well in March.. managed to get promotion, increment, and driving license =)

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. everything went smoothly during our HDB 1st Appointment and we're expecting to complete the whole resale transaction on May 12th :)
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) I think I'm better at this now, I managed to not quarrel with him so often anymore! But I need a more concrete way to check whether I've fulfilled this resolution or not... no idea...
  3. Lost weight!!! 8 kg to target weight.. a long way.. but I gotta look slim for sis wedding in June else I'll have no dress to wear!!!
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( No plan so far...
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! so far so good =)
  6. Be better spiritually :) oops, not doing well here either...
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥ checked ♥
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! ♥ checked ♥
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) We might be buying this year coz hubby got lobang... but see how first lah =)

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