Monday, April 7, 2008

Alvin and The Chipmunk

We rented the VCD over the weekend and it was really hillarious loh! I wish my hubby can sing like the chipmunks! hahahaha... I particularly like the song with the "hulaaaa hoop...."

The story line is about 3 chipmunks, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore who live in a tree but suddenly the tree was cut off to make christmas tree, so they ended up in an office building, and then they sneaked into someone's muffin basket and went to the person's home! So exciting.. anyway, chipmunks look like squirrel.. can't tell what the difference is..

Alvin is the most active chipmunk, and Simon is SHORT-SIGHTED!!! How can animal be short-sighted?! They don't even read or study!! HAHAHAHA.. and Theodore is the fat one... and a bit "retarted".. they said he fell off the tree at birth.. HAHHAHAHAHA :D

So these 3 chipmunks can sing AND DANCE!! very funny loh!! And singing chipmunks can make big bucks so some ppl try to exploit them but their "daddy" came back to save them :D

Overall, very funny and entertaining :)

Looking forward to the other 2 movies that we rented.. and next 2 weeks hubby not working.. so we can have a blast at home :p

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