Thursday, April 10, 2008

And so i thought he was hi-tech...

Ok so previously I thought my brother was quite hi-tech.. not long after I posted "Discovering Opera", he noticed it and said "Wow! You are fast! You even updated your blog already and with picture!"

Next sentence he said.. "You took photo of your screen?"


So after that I went on to teach him how to do "Print Screen". Ok for people who doesn't know, you can capture your whole screen or part of your screen by doing Print Screen.

How to do Print Screen?

There's this button in your keyboard that says "Print Screen" or sometimes if your keyboard is small, they will write as "Prt Scr". Mine says "PrtSc". Press that and open Paint or Adobe Photoshop or MS Word.. anything really.. something that you can put picture in, and then "Paste" a.k.a. Ctrl-V *Please don't tell me you don't know how to paste...I'll tell you to get out of my blog*

If you just want to capture the active window, you can press "Alt + PrintScreen" and then paste it to your own picture editor.. voila!

Anyway, back to my brother... I forgive him for the mistake because I realized that I also only found out how to use print screen when I was in uni.. but hey, at that time we didn't use computer that often.. Anyway, life is about learning and improving yourself... I know what he intend to do with his newfound knowledge.. He's going to steal images from sites that don't allow you to right-click on the images! HAHAHHAHA

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