Thursday, April 24, 2008

Couple or Trouble

Just finished watching this series yesterday, the story felt kinda similar and it turned out that this is actually adapted from an old movie titled "Overboard" where a rich woman fell from her yatch to the sea and got amnesia. And her husband found out but refused to bring her back due to various reasons. That's all I remember about the old show, but I guess the main storyline is kinda similar.

In the Korean drama adaptation, the girl is called Cho Anna, she's very very rich and also very mean. When she doesn't like something, she doesn't mince her words. And most of the time, she doesn't have any liking towards anything and she's very hard to pleased. She's also very harsh to all her employees, firing them when they make even tiny mistakes. Her favourite phrase is "So low class!" HAHHAHAHAHA... the way she says it is so funny that I kept on repeating it :D

Cho Anna's husband is a very timid guy so when he found out that Anna is actually still alive, he tried many ways to stop her from coming back. Anna also made another enemy when she just came back from US. She hit a guy with a shovel because she thought the guy was a murderer. And coincidentally, Anna's staff called Cheol-su to fix her yatch bathroom. After some argument, Anna pushed Cheol-su out of her yatch and into the sea, and even tossed his working equipment to the sea!

Cheol-su found out that Anna has amnesia and decided to make her pay for what she owe him, so he bluffed her that Anna is actually Na Sang Sil and she's his girlfriend! So she has to do houseworks and take care of Cheol-su's 3 nephews!

It's also quite funny how the ghost images of Anna keep on appearing in her husband's mind even after he found out that she's not dead HAHAHAHAHA.. such a coward!!

The have a nice official website too. Too bad I can't read Korean language.. must learn!!

Don't ask me why I'm so crazy about Korean dramas... I don't know the reason either... :p

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