Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Discovering Opera

Today during conversation with my brother, he told me that he's using Opera browser and I was like "WHAT?! He's more hi-tech than me" coz he's not using the regular browser like IE7 and Mozilla.. so being the older and supposedly more hi-tech sister, I gotta try it for myself!

Oh man!! Opera is so cool! and the interface is soooooo nice! And the sites seem to be loading much faster in Opera HAHAHA.. am I being biased? There's this feature from Opera called "Speed Dial" that functions just like your phone speed dial, so you can just type 1 to 9 and it will open a new tab just like how you set the speed dial..

And these are my 9 speed dials site. Being the narcist me, of course my own blog is no 1 HAHAHAHA.. and the rest are frens' blogs that got updated often.. and some other sites that I like :)

In case you are wondering, no. 8 is not porn website! It's Victoria's Secret website! The place where you can get wonderful bras and cute panties :D

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