Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This is another movie from Disney, started in cartoon where the Prince saved the Princess from a Troll (some kind of slimey monster) and they fall in love and "shall be married in the morning" hahahah even though they just gotta know each other in less than a day! *faint*

The Prince's evil step mother thinks that whoever marry her stepson will snatch her throne away from her, so she tried to get rid of her by sending her to a place where there's no "happily ever after" which is New York City HAHAHHAHAHA..

Anyway things started to get twisted when she reaches NYC coz she was so out of place, and then a man and his daughter spotted her and helped her out, while she waits for her Prince Charming to come and rescue her..

The funny one is actually the chipmunk who is called "Pimp" or "Peep", dunno how to write its name.. but the name sounds weird! this chipmunk is the princess' friend and he was trying to help the Prince finds and saves the Princess :D

Meanwhile the evil step mother can communicate with her assistant thru any mean of water.. like soup, martini, gallon of water... lame...

Overall, quite entertaining especially if you believe in "happily ever after" :)

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