Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Essential items for my house

Since we are on tight budget after paying for the house downpayment, we really have to be very patient when buying stuff for our new house.. cannot buy the whole set of Samsung home theatre at one-go! :(

Ok.. here we go...

  • Bed - sleeping is very important for my well-being lah.. else i will be like zombie, then very cranky.. then very tired.. cannot go to work.. then cannot earn money... then cannot buy the rest of the furniture!! Anyway, we'll be using our matrimony (correct word?) bed, not going to buy a new one

  • Refrigerator - also very important item.. this is where we make ice water!! and keep food good :)

  • Washing machine - another very important item.. cannot expect me to handwash right....

  • Sofa - can do without.. maybe we can go Japanese style and sit on the floor! The previous owner said that they can leave the sofa for us if we want :)

  • Coffee table - also can do without.. even though the house will look very empty with no sofa and no coffee table lah...

  • TV - MUST MUST HAVE!! And must have DVD player as well so that I can carry on with my daily Korean drama activities!

  • Rice cooker - Jess said she'll buy for me, so this one no need to worry hahahha

  • Dining table - errm... we eat outside? My bro's definition of eating outside is "bring the dining table out and eat outside" *faint*

  • Wardrobe - oredi built-in by the previous owner

  • Shoe rack - not urgent..

After listing the items here.. seems like not that much actually... or am I missing lots of stuff??

So excited that finally.. i mean FINALLY we are getting our own flat! I can't wait to shift there loh! I told my hubby must shift ASAP but he said must find good date.. i thought the best date is ASAP!!

And we havent decided whether we are going to repaint the house. It looks very clean and not much work needed to be done on the house when we went there for house viewing, but we shall see again after the seller has moved their stuff out.. clearer view loh.. :)

In the meanwhile, any good lobang for paint job?

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