Saturday, April 19, 2008

High demand for HDB Flats

This is the news about recent sales of new HDB flat at Yahoo News

I'm glad that we're not still trying our luck trying to get a new HDB flat, I still remember the frustration of waiting for the ballot number to come out, only to get bad news that we are not selected, or even when we did get selected, our number is like almost at the bottom!

As for BTO, it's really hard to say.. maybe lots of people intended to buy it but when they think about the completion date and then maybe the unit that they want is already snapped up. Buying a house is really one of the big decision that people have to make in their life. I don't understand why some people can quickly judge those people who didnt take a flat when they have the queue number. Well, if you buy HDB flat, you're going to be stuck with that flat for at least 5 years, shouldn't your consider that more carefully?

And BTO flat completion date is 5 years from the purchase date, I think couples who will need flat 5 years from now, most of them maybe are not even dating yet?

Anyway, this is over for us, we have our own flat now. So other desperate flat buyers, do consider resale flats. It's much faster and less stressful! :)

That's all for now, going to IKEA now to hunt for furnitures for our new house!!

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