Thursday, April 3, 2008

In A Perfect World...

We are all good looking.. healthy.. slim.. happy..
Nice figure..
Nice hair..
We all have a happy complete family.. father, mother, brother, sister..
We have a job that we loves.. preferably 3 days week 9 - 12..
Or better still we live happily even if we don't have a job..
Oh well, food is on the table even without working..
Just plug it from the tree like what Adam and Eve did last time..
Nobody will fall sick..
Nobody will die.. but the Earth will never be too full..
There will be enough houses for everyone..
Everyone likes each other..
No traffic jam..
No squeezing in MRT..
No queue for donut.. you can get it anytime you want..
You'll never be late for anything..
All food taste nice..
All songs sound nice..
All pictures look nice..
You can travel anywhere you want because travel agencies are charity organizations..
No terrorists coz everybody loves each other..
Noone cares about Miss World/Universe coz we'll have world peace there..
All lawyers are honest..
Eating 100 donuts wont make you fat..

Who wants to go to the perfect world?

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