Sunday, April 27, 2008

Money money money!!!

Recently I've learnt a lot about money because we're buying our first house. The thing is this realization came a bit too late as I only started saving when we were actively looking for house already, and at this time the housing market is so hot, every sellers are asking for high cash above valuation.

I started living a super frugal and trifty live in December and has since managed to save about 10K.. not bad eh.. and my hubby has been saving way long before that, so he has some cash.. but we gotta pay quite a huge sum of cash downpayment, and that wiped out our entire saving! *kaching kaching kaching*

Today we went for our final inspection at the new house. I still like the house a lot, even when it's empty and we can start seeing some dirt and patches on the wall. That helped us to decide that we should repaint the whole house *grin* Ok, that is about 1.5K *kaching*

And we're also going to take out some of the fixed items that are sticking to the wall.. probably cost another 500 bucks.. *kaching*

But overall, the feeling of the house is nice and we really think that it's a good buy :)

And our experience with this house buying has been really pleasant. Our agent followed us wherever we go and put up with our (ahem maybe mine) fickleness and choosiness, she has brought us almost all over Singapore to view units. And she's always present in all our appointments, where sometime other agents just disappear after HDB 1st appointment. Ours even offered to collect the key on our completion date, and will deliver the key to our current place. Sweet girl :) Anyone looking for house or want to sell your place, I can recommend you this agent. She'll make sure that she take care of you well :D

And our seller has been really nice as well. They kept the house really clean and tidy before they pass it to us. They even gave us the wiring specs/plan (I think that's what it's called) from the designer (they did reno previously) so that next time we don't have to open up the ceiling to know what's going on inside there!

So today we measured the kitchen, to make sure that we buy washing machine and refrigerator that can fit into it. I think we have to forget about the Toshiba fridge with the automatic ice maker as that one is a bit too wide. And we had wanted to buy a 9-kg washing machine, but seems like we have to buy a smaller one now. So washing machine probably about 600 bucks *kaching* and fridge about 1K *kaching*.. darn, I feel broke already...

We also measured the size of all the windows so that we can make the curtain... money money money.... I remember making curtain is quite expensive! *kaching kaching*

Afterwards, we went to International Furniture Centre at Sungei Kadut to see some furnitures. I still like Mondi design the best but their price is quite expensive! I was also trying to find OM furnitures. Jess said they have really nice and cool sofa, but seems like they don't have any store there. I think for the next few months, my pay will go into buying all these furnitures.. *kaching kaching*

BOSS, if you are reading my blog, u get the hint? *grin*

Anyway the moral of the story is money is very important. It can't buy you happiness but it can buy you stuff that makes you feel happy... :D

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