Monday, April 28, 2008

One day in an IT person's life...

Today I started off my day on the wrong foot.. not feeling well, grumpy, lazy, sleepy, and with a negative thinking that today is going to be a bad day! Bad mistake!

Lunch time I packed my lunch from OCK and eat in the office.. how sad...

But towards 3 PM things started to look better, my current so-called big project *the one where the CEO and CTIO have special interest in* is looking better, because I managed to customize the search form and make the search result appear quite chio using XSL transformation.. hahahaha..

So I told my boss that he can test already BUT it didn't appear quite chio on his screen... it was cut-off because the iframe was not expanded properly on his screen... *user problem lah*

So I got 2 more colleagues to test.. their results turn out to be quite good.. so 3 VS 1.. of course 1 lost lah hahaha..

So now I'm feeling much better as I'll be able to reach another milestone of this project *oh wait, it's not even a project yet! It's just a POC!* but still, it feels good when something that you develop turns out the way you want it to be.. in this case, the part that i develop is just the look-and-feel, the engine itself is from Google.

It reminds me of the old times when I did lots of customized program from clients. Everything is within our own control, you can change the code whichever way you want, and it was so much easier to maintain and support. In my current job, we utilized lots of third party softwares. It has much more features but in a way make my life more difficult.. and users think that it's ur fault when there's a bug! *pull hair*

Anyway, since today solved 1 problem oredi so can go home early *grin*

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