Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Batam Trip - Harris Resort

My hubby is on 2 weeks break so he wants to go on a holiday. But since we are on the save-money-mode, we decided that this holiday shouldn't require us to take the airplane (actually wanted to go back Taiwan but the air tix are too exp!!) so after much consideration, we decided that we should go BATAM!

One of my colleagues asked "Why you choose to go to the ugly island? Why not go some West Malaysia island?" err.. actually i dun really like to go Msia loh, coz gotta go thru the crammed and smelly JB immigration checkpoint.. You can really feel the difference when you go out of Spore custom and in to JB custom... heaven n earth.. And now with the Mas Selamat on the run, the queue at the custom is so long!! I dun even want to attempt trying to pass the custom lah, sekali after 3 days still stuck there!!

Ok so anyway, we took a ferry from Harbour Front ferry terminal to Batam's Waterfront City terminal, I think it took abt 40 minutes.. quite fast.. can't remember coz I was busy eating my chips *finished 1.5 pack of chips before the ferry moved...* and sleeping after that.. HAHAHAHA talk abt dieting...

Hubby with WFC custom in background

The resort that we stayed in is called Harris Resort, seems like it's quite popular for ppl who go there for holiday coz the place was fully booked even though now is not holiday season..

When we reach there, they gave us welcome drink, strawberry yogurt *yummy.. healthy...* and there's a big plate of welcome cookie as well, the girl said it's home-made, I wonder which of the staff made the cookies at their own house.. and then bring it to the hotel??

The home-made welcome cookie

After we checked-in to our room, as usual, I SLEPT until dinner time while my hubby walked around to check out the area, not bad.. he found a local eating place.. so for dinner, I gotta eat my long lost comfort food.. BAKSO!! wah the chili is soooo nice!! I think my lips got a bit numb after eating the chili.. *typing abt it now make my saliva come out..* and of course.. no photo.. coz when the food came, we just can't spend time to take photo of it lah... so hungry oredi...

Next day we had a full day activities inside the resort itself coz they have many facilities.. we started by breakfast.. again.. no photo.. coz too hungry... *grin*

then wanted to play bowling but all the lanes are occupied by some bowling club.. so we went for go-kart.. onli 12 bucks per person for 10 mins.. cheap or exp? anyway, my arms n palms were aching after that.. no power steering!! And the helmet was so huge and heavy!! and smelly....

Messy & damp hair after go-kart.. gross!

Then after all the gross stuff stuck on us.. we decided to put on more gross stuff... we went cycling! HAHAHAHHAA.. so long never cycle, my butt was so painful loh! I wonder how last time I can cycle the whole day.... :S

Then after adding more n more gross stuff to ourselves, we decided to go swimming and leave all our dirts inside their swimming pool! HUAHAHHAHAHA.. we borrowed a ball *they gave us soccerball* to play water polo.. but I think it's a bad move lah, coz my hubby has an unfair advantage over me.. :(

The super big swimming pool

There are a lot of sun tanning place around the swimming pools.. very chio... I can't resist to take photos of them.. feel so touristy leh..

Pls ignore the fatty in the photo

After so many activities.. went back to shower.. and me as usual go to sleep, I think my hubby went to the foot reflexology place.. poor reflexologer *got such word?* coz I think the bottom of his feet very thick! HHAHAHAHA

The foot reflexology place.. which is opposite the childcare place..

I think this resort is damn cool, they have a place called the Dino place or watever the name is where you can just dump ur kids there, and the hotel staff will entertain them.. make those long long balloon or play watever games with them.. I saw one of the hotel staff playing badminton with one of the kiddos.. well, I guess their job is quite fun. Next time when we have kids, we shd certainly go to this place again :)

Then after I wake up with body aching and stomach ache... we decided to go for dinner *complimentary from the hotel*, the dinner place is so nice and romantic loh.. and the food is quite nice also, we ordered pizza, sweet sour chicken and sotong :)

At least this time round we managed to take photo of the food, or whatever is left of the food..

Oh and my hubby was waiting for Man Utd VS Arsenal match.. first he waited for it on Sat night, when the match is on Sunday night! Then on Sunday night, we tuned to ESPN but it kept on showing F1 race!! so irritating!! At the end we didnt get to watch the match at all.. anyway, Man Utd still won! YEAH YEAH! Yihaa! Still can't believe that ESPN didnt show it though....

Then we went to play pool *1 buck per game*.. hahaha I beat my hubby for all the games! Except for those that I hit the black ball in and the white ball follows.. but still I cleared more balls first.. my lucky table... wanted to buy it and bring back to Spore... but according to my hubby I should buy the big fan instead, coz the big fan is the one helping me to blow the pool balls inside the hole.. *is he delussional?!*

My lucky pool table

Last breakfast in Batam.. die die must take photos lah..

But still onli remember to take photos towards the last part..

Then after breakfast, we went to play bowling *must use the complimentary voucher that they give mah*.. I think there's sth wrong with their lanes leh.. how come my ball always go to the left... ?!?!?

Bowling shoes are designed to make you look like Ronald MacDonald's sister...

Then we went to Nagoya or Nagoya City or Nagoya Hill, dunno what is the correct name.. anyway we went to this shopping centre lah.. seems like nothing much to buy leh.. at the end I onli bought one Maybelline mascara.. onli 9 bucks leh... in Spore sure more exp than that.. and we ate KFC.. omigod I think during this trip I ate non-stop.. and sleep a lot.. I dun eve dare to step on the weighing scale...

Anyway, back in S'pore.. back to normal life.. watched Korean drama... worked during the night.. blogged during the day..

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