Sunday, April 6, 2008

Save Your Last Dance For Me

Another Korean show that I really like :)

The story is about this girl Eunsoo who runs a rented villa with her dad. One day while driving at night with her dad, she found someone badly injured and sent the person to hospital. The guy was injured so badly that he's got amnesia, so Eunsoo and her dad took him in and let him stay with them while helping them out as well. They even gave him a name Jiyi (at least that's what the Malay subtitle says lah coz I couldn't find any with English sub AGAIN!)..

Eunsoo and Jiyi fall in love and they got engaged, but after the engagement her dad died and soon Jiyi disappeared. So Eunsoo tried to find him, and so coincident Jiyi actually worked in the same company as Eunsoo's best friend. Turned out that he has regained his memory but lost the memory of the past 1 year where he stayed with Eunsoo's family.

And someone is plotting to kill him and take over his family business. There's also a girl who has liked Hyun Woo (Jiyi's really name), since she was 15 years old!! OMIGOD! How stupid can she be!! Anyway, she is used to waiting for this guy, so the guy sort off felt bad for her, and even said to her that one day if he decided to get married he'll marry her, so it's like giving her false hope! Quite bad also..

Which gives another point to ponder..

If you are an outsider, you'll think that Eunsoo is the third party coz this couple has been "together" for a long time, moreover the guy has promised to marry her even though he doesnt love her. And during the 1 year that everyone believe Hyun-woo has died, she kept on waiting for him to return.. silly girl..

But she also did a lot bad things after knowing that Eunsoo is actually Hyun-woo's fiancee when he lost his memory lah, so maybe this is the way that the producer use to make us feel not so bad for her hahahaha..

But there's another point of view..

Will you marry someone that you don't love? Or will you marry someone who doesnt love you?

I think in this case, the guy is at fault because he gives the girl false hope...

Anyway, I think this is a really nice show, especially since the guy falls in love with the same girl TWICE... when he lost his memory and even after he regained his memory and not knowing her, he falls in love with her again... SO SWEET loh!! :D

I asked my hubby if he ever lost his memory, will he fall in love with me again? He said "SURE!" hahahhaha... silly man :D

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