Monday, April 7, 2008

Shopaholic & Baby

This is the latest edition of the Shopaholic books. The story is about this shopaholic called Becky or Rebecca Bloomwood who is crazy for branded stuff like shoes and handbags! hahahah typical girls, i think i know a few of becky bloomwoods in real life :D

So in this book, Becky got pregnant after gotten married to her handsome and rich husband, and they went for a 1-year honeymoon (lucky b**ch!).. so she was a bit of a mum-zilla in the book coz everything has to be branded, even for gynae, she gotta have the celebrity gynae! hahahaha.. she appears a bit shallow in almost the whole book except for the few parts that she has some bright ideas to save her hubby's company..

And the so-called celebrity gynae that she signed up with turned out to be her hubby's sexy and beautiful ex-gf!! disaster loh!! and more over this ex gf is determined to snatch him back.. omigod... so thick skinned and irritating!! feel like smacking the person.. i mean if she really exists in real life lah :D

Funny thing is when she wanted to name her baby "Birkin".. reminds me of my "/peng" MSN emoticon!!

Reading this book... and the recent baby happenings.. make me feel like having my own baby.. and I guess we're ready now.. since we finally have our own flat, can move there next month.. and we'll get a car when my hubby get his license.. what else.. hm... things start to look good for us since March :)

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