Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful Life

Despite my busy schedules.. chatting... blogging... working... playing game... doing websites... conference calls... finally I managed to finish watching this drama series! yay!

The story is about a girl (Sejin) who came to Singapore to "meet" her crush, and there's another guy (Seungwan) who came to Singapore to celebrate his girlfriend (Chaeyoung)'s bday. But actually CY is two-timing SW with another guy, Donhyu, who is richer and supposedly more handsome than SW (They should have chosen another guy to play this so-called handsome guy!!!!)

Actually Sejin's crush has died when he drowned in Sentosa *how tragic is that!!!* so she was coming (or shd I say going? but it's weird to say going coz to me she's coming to spore... oh well...) to say good-bye or say hi or whatever lah..

Sejin's and SW's passports got accidentally exchanged when they bumped into each other at Changi Airport... and they ended up cheering each other up since they are both heartbroken.. and after a drunken night, they had a one night stand in Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Resort *faint!! this place holds an important memory for me leh....*

Anyway, since they didnt really like each other in the first place, they didnt continue with their relationship and went back to Korea separately.. BUT Sejin found out that she was pregnant and decided to give birth to the baby without telling SW about it. She quitted school and went to sth like a nursery to give birth, giving up her dream to become a diplomat.

But Sejin's sister couldn't stand seeing her sister suffer by herself, so she went to crash SW's dad 60th birthday party, and told everyone that SW has a baby (at this time SW has patched back with CY) so everything became very messy and at the end the 2 sides of parents forced them to get married!

Anyway, side track a little bit.. they really chosen a very cute baby to act the part! And the 5-year old Shinbi (the daughter name) is also very cute. Her eyes are sooooo huge!! I'm so jealous! I wish my eyes are that big :D

Ok continue to the story...

CY kept on trying to win SW back.. DY falls in love with Sejin... Sejin and SW fall in love with each other but Sejin thinks that SW is still in love with CY and SW thinks that Sejin is in love with DY! ARGH stupid ppl! Sometimes the misunderstanding parts can be really irritating lah! In real life, does it really happen that often?!?! If you like a person, then just tell that person lah! dun need to give so much false impressions.. *duh*

The rest of the story... you have to watch it :)

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