Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is this my first lame blog post?

I'm feeling very nervous right now waiting for someone making a big decision about me *cross fingers* so I decided to update my blog. Ok today I'm going to write about.....


My faithful iron has been serving me really really well. I bought it for Rp. 52,000.00 (about SGD 10 at that time) when I graduated from Uni in 2003. So it has served me (plus some other people who borrowed it) for about 5 years now.. wow.. time really flies..

At that time steam iron was something quite new and it was quite expensive to get one in Singapore so I went back Indo and my mom bought it for me there coz that time havent earned my own money yet *grin*

So it has helped me straighten the clothes that I wore for my first job interview, 2nd job interview, etc.. basically all the interview clothes lah coz I only have 1 iron HAHAHAHA :p

I really like using steam iron compared to the normal one coz it makes ironing a breeze, the clothes get straight much faster. My ex-colleague used to call me "crazy bitch" when I told her that I even iron my jeans and T-shirt *gotta look good u know!* but after I told her about the steam iron, she's totally hooked on it. If I'm not wrong, she said she spent 6 hours ironing HAHAHAHHAHA... :D

Ok this post is getting more and more irrelevant...

But one last thing.. I love you Mrs. Iron :D

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mini reno

Yesterday we met up with the contractor to confirm the quotation and also to pass him the flat keys. We found that there's a huge hole in the study room wall and we showed it to the contractor. He said we gotta replaster that wall.. there're 2 ways to do it:

1. Plaster only the broken part - 300 bucks
2. Plaster the whole wall - 500 bucks

ARRRGGGHHH!!!! Some more extra cost!! Our agent said HDB will only pay for the repair if it's structural problem, but this is obviously not structural problem but the previous contractor didn't do a good job plastering the wall...

Anyway after much consideration, we decided to plaster the whole wall (also advised by THS - Terrence Housing Service), in case next time the other part of the wall also crack and affect the newly plaster side... good thinking eh :D

So our reno cost going to cost us 1K (for painting) + 250 (for master bedroom toilet mirror) + 500 for plastering... $1750!! *sigh..* It's cheaper than when other ppl usually reno their house lah, but still so much $$$ get out of our pocket at a short time frame..

Anyway, I hope the contractor that we hired do a good job for our flat. They have started working this morning and expect to finish all the other room by Friday and the study room will be the last on Saturday..

Then our dining table will come on Saturday also..

Then we're moving on Sunday! YAY!! Hopefully the paint dry oredi by then...

In the meanwhile, we're busy packing all the stuff... the current place is like a mess!! boxes everywhere!! And I don't have enough luggages to pack all my clothes! And there's the huge wedding gown!! I have to find a way to keep it clean when shifting.. wear it? HAHAHHAA :p *I dont think I can fit anymore*

And we also gotta collect our free Samsung home entertainment system by this Friday... so busy lah!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I met up with 2 of my ex-colleagues for dinner yesterday at Robertson Quay. We went to this Belgian mussel place, I don't remember the name *memory problem* and I ate mussels for the first time in my entire life!!

Surprisingly, I don't hate the way it taste. It taste quite good and not smelly like cockle (the thing inside char kway teow), but I still prefer the chicken thigh though :p

No photo for this post becoz I forgot to take out the camera from my bag.... *smack forehead*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mother's day

This year's mother's day coincides with my MIL 64th bday so my sis-in-law decided to celebrate it together.. Here are some photos.. a bit late I know :p

The 2 kids are forever excited about cakes! And nobody actually says that color code is yellow but somehow everyone was looking so yellow in the photo :D

About moving house

The contractor said he can start working on Wednesday night so he'll finish on Saturday *YAY!!*. We decided to move on Sunday 1 June but my in-laws are going back 6 June, means they'll have to live without fridge or washing machine for a few days...

We asked my in-laws if they wanna move there together with us and they REJECTED us!! *shocked* I thought they will be happy about it but seems like they still wanna live in their current place, even without fridge and washing machine!

Well, I guess it's up to them then. Maybe they have some attachment to the house and also their grandchildren are going there for swimming lessons every Wednesday :) But I just feel that it's quite hard to understand what's in the mind of the parents..

They also said that they will accompany us when we're moving coz they are worried about us. Weird ah.. we are sooooo old oredi!! And I've been living independently without my parents since I was 17!!! What's there to be worried about? hahahah.. parents worry too much!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is soooo unfair !!!

This weekend is very eventful and tiring.. Saturday morning we shifted more fragile stuff to the new house, setup a shelf in the bomb shelter so that it looks tidier. We also cleaned the windows, doors, etc so that next time after we finished painting the house, we won't make the dust from those items fly to the wall again...

So this is the dirty window that we were trying to clean.. it looks really dark and no shine at all...

We spent more than 2 hours cleaning the living room windows, it looks like as if it was never cleaned for years!! but the after-effect is really fulfilling, the windows look really clean :)

HAHAHAHAH ok this photo has been photoshopped for demonstration purpose coz it's hard to take "glowing" photo of the windows!

We even wiped the door and cornices *my first time*... So there we were cleaning the house full force, I think I shd have lost abt 2 kg doing all those work!

After that we took shower at our new house *yay!* Oh but I found out that the water will leak out from the below part of the glass panel... gotta do sth abt this.. Then at night we went to HT house for MJ *not me playing though* then back to our place for supper *gained 0.5 kg?* Btw, his friends said that the window grills are ugly, they said look like prison grill.... :(

After that went to sis house to visit our new TV *Hi, TV!*. We asked the Harvey Norman ppl to deliver to her address first becoz we are not staying at the new place yet.

Then today we also had full day activity. After lunch, we went to IKEA to make curtains but only managed to make for master bedroom and study room. We planned to use the one that we have in our current room for the other common room and maybe go to Spotlight to make the one for living room since the fabric in Spotlight is wider..

After that we went WALKED to Honda showroom, then Mitsubishi showoom, then lastly Kia showroom *there was a pink color Barbie car.... wont want to be seen in that!!*

Next WALKED to the bus stop but took cab *waste of effort!! With all the walking shd have lost 0.5kg from last night supper* Ok we reached Plaza Singapura. First destination is Starhub coz we wanna get the Hubstation coz there's promotion for this. Get the hubstation at discounted price (197 bucks) and get free internet for 1 year or until end of 2009, dunno which one.. but the queue was so long so we decided to do other business first..

So we went to Spotlight to find fabric for living room curtain. We found one that we like but they don't have enough of that! And it was also too short :(

So we continue to wander around.. then we had dinner.. then we went back to Starhub, this time round we managed to get the queue number quite fast but the girl at the reception tell us that our number will be called in approximately 2 hours!! *faint*

So we continued to wander around.. i think i shd have at least lost another 0.5 kg for this walking around!! We even went to Citigems to buy jewelry for sis wedding and our number is not being called yet!! SO SLOW AND TIRING!!!!

So after everything is settled and the damaged to our pocket is nearly 1K, we decided to NOT take cab and take bus 502 instead but the waiting time is 31 minutes according to the board, so we took MRT instead.. another long journey and we couldn't get any seat in the train. So we were standing all the way from Dhoby Ghaut to Chinese Garden while carrying all the stuff.. *should at least lost another 0.5kg loh..*

So when I reached home, I went toilet to further lose more weight HAHAHH then next is off to the weighing scale..


Saturday, May 24, 2008


We had a karaoke session on Friday at Marina Square K-box. Pratip a.k.a Prata is supposed to dance and entertain us but this is what he came out with..

Video courtesy of Alvin

And his favourite song is BARBIE GIRL!!! And more photos from the karaoke sessions...

Actually Akh said cannot publish his photos becoz he's in some criminal list and wanted by the FBI! HAHAHAHAHA.. actually that was my version.. His version is he's in some witness protection programme... I wonder what he witnessed...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Man arrested for posting racially—offensive content online

This is the news about a 24-year old guy arrested because of some racist thing that he posted in his blog. Not sure what he wrote, but as bloggers we should all take special care about what we write in our blogs! And avoid landing ourselves in trouble! :)

Related link:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My amazing mother-in-law

I really have to make this into a blog entry!!

She's 64 years old and nothing seems to be able to stop her...

She plastered our bathroom ceiling today!!

I don't even dare to stand on the ladder and yet she was there standing on the ladder and plastering the ceiling!! *awed*

Well I didn't actually see her doing it.. I thought she called some handyman to do it, but she said she did it.. *still awed*

Monday, May 19, 2008

19 May 2008....

is a very eventful day for our extended family...

My in-laws said it's a good day to move house so they made us move there symbolically, so we just brought a few items from home, and went to NTUC to buy some house cleaning stuff, and rice.. I think I look quite ridiculous carrying the big platic bag and long broom + mop, trying to buy chicken rice from the food court! DIE DIE have to take cab back.. cannot *lose image* even before we really stay there! :D

And then we went back to eat *supposedly there's a meaning of eating in that house also* but I don't care lah. I eat when I'm hungry... then we measured the curtain again, for the dunno how many thousand times.. hehehe..

My in-laws then went back to their house leaving us to do our own stuff, so my hubby settled room by room.. we should have bought spare clothes to change coz it was a lot of work trying to pack everything and making sure everything is ok.

Masterbed room - change the spoilt light bulb and make the room much brighter. Threw away somebody's red underwear that got stuck on our sun shield! HAAHAHAHAHHA GROSS!!!

Common rooms - didn't do much work on these 2 rooms..

Living room - tidy up a bit

Dining room - I dusted the unwanted mirror.. :p

Kitchen - Opened all the drawers and air them

And then Jess and TTS came to see the place too hehehe the first thing she wants to use is the TOILET! *faint*

She did QC on our flat hahahhaha and she even took some photos, I started to think that she might come from the HDB Valuation office! LOL! Some photos that she took can be found at this blog.

Jess and TTS also found out that we can't switch on the aircons but previously we tested all ok. Maybe we just gotta find the main switch somewhere somehow :)

We then left our flat, Jess and TTS went to their chalet at Fernvale HAHAHA.. I then went to kaypoh at my sister's place. They just bought this really comfy recliner sofa so I gotta try it! HAHAHAHHA.. You can adjust this recliner from normal sitting position until lying down!! :D

Then after that, hubby and I went to IKEA Tampines.. wah there are design ideas everywhere on this place! It makes me even more confused actually.. BUT in a good way :)

We bought some smaller stuff for the house like dust bin and toilet brush. Wanted to buy some bigger items but scared that they cannot hold it for us a few more days until after we finish painting the house..

And we STILL HAVENT MADE THE CURTAIN!!! We found out that IKEA fabrics width is about 150 cm but our living room windows is 345 cm x 250 cm.. so we gotta connect the fabric to make the curtain and I'm not sure if it's a good idea.. will the curtain look weird?? at the end we didnt make or buy any curtain from there.. *sigh* Actually was considering the 2nd from top fabric for living room and the one at the bottom for our own room.. will it be too "noisy"?

And then we went to Courts, just next to IKEA.. They designed the place such that you have to go through every floor because the entrance is on the top floor! We had very good self-control as we only bought the item that we aimed to buy - TOWER FAN!! The flat is quite hot when the wind is not blowing or when the windows are closed, so fan is a necessity! :)

And this is not over yet... we're going back to the Sengkang flat to put down all this stuff.. but when we just got in the cab, hubby's parents called him to tell him that THEY HAVE SOLD THE FLAT!! And since my hubby is listed as one of the owners, he gotta rush back to sign some documents.

When we reached our flat, we tested the fan.. it's working.. so we packed everything and put inside the bomb shelter a.k.a storeroom a.k.a hubby room.. HAHHAHA..

And then we rushed back to Jurong East only to found out that THEY BLUFFED US!! Actually no need to rush because the agent still gotta prepare all the documents! *sigh*

Anyway, the agent *the same agent as the one who helped us find our flat* came at night and settled all the paperworks. So on 19 May 2008, we moved to our new flat and they sold their condo :)

Weird egg in my noodle!

Was making breakfast *actually watching hubby making breakfast* this morning and wanted to put egg in the noodle. We were always jokingly said that what if we found a chicken dead body inside.. and this is what I found...

It's a "siamese twin" egg!! But I realized after taking the photo, at one glance it just looks like if you put 2 eggs together in a bowl!

BUT.. if you look at it carefully, the 2 eggs are actually stuck to each other.. weird ah.. so did I eat 2 eggs or 1 egg today? *hmm...*

I'm wondering if the eggs were to grow up into chickens, will they grow up into siamese chicken? or will they eventually separate from each other??

Anyway.... Going out now... MOVING HOUSE! YAY!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home furnishing dilemma

Should I get colorful curtain or colorful wallpapers? Can't have both because I think it will look overboard..

We saw this colorful fabric from IKEA and thinking of making that into curtains *or possibly cusion covers.. ssshh.. I didn't tell my hubby that!*

And then when looking at some wallpapers and wink decals, it occurs to me that I can't have both so colorful.. else our flat will look like a kindergarten!

And I think I'll look around for bar sets from other furniture shops, just to be on the safe side! If you have any lobang, please forward to me! Thanks!! :D

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hunting for home furnishing stuff

Today is a super eventful day and I feel the base of my feet are getting numb!! I was walking since morning and only stopped for meals and now I'm back to write this blog entry :)

In the morning we went to Toa Payoh to redeem NTUC voucher from OCBC bank. They are giving us 300 bucks voucher because we signed up for their home loan package. So we can now start buying all those cleaning agents from NTUC and start cleaning the house! *excited!!*

After Toa Payoh, we went to Great World City because Jess told me there are few nice shops over there. Indeed we found a few nice shops, I think we've decided where to buy our clock and other small decoration stuff, and maybe the shoe rack but that's not confirmed :)

Next destination was IKEA @ Queensway, not sure what was going on there! Everything was missing from its original place, maybe they are going to have some kind of new designs or renovation. But our main reason to go there was to get curtains, so we have so-called decided on the motives and we also found out the sewing service charges, but as sotong as we were, we didn't bring the curtain measurement! *bang head on the wall*

Then we went to TradeHub 21 @ Jurong area. They have many furniture shops over there and we saw quite a lot of nice sofa, TV console, and coffee table, but our main mission to go there was to scout for a dining table, so we didnt buy any but of course we kept in mind what are the stuff that we can buy from there. I'm actually eyeing this set of bar table + 2 bar stools that is selling for $599. Hubby said we're not going to use it often but it was my dream to have an open-concept kitchen where we can put bar stool. Now since we can't have open concept kitchen, I feel like buying the bar table + 2 bar stools.. I imagine our flat will look so trendy :D *but seems like there are a lot of bad reviews about nova*

Then since our legs were breaking and our stomachs were making lots of noise, we headed home for dinner.. ordered Ritz Pizza hawaiian and meat diva *u can be a diva and still be meaty!*

After dinner, we continue our home furnishing hunting! There's this shop that sells King Koil stuff at Jurong East, we've been there twice before and we saw a nice dining table. This is one of the dining table that we BOTH like and we think that it's nicer that the rest that we've seen before, so we went there for the THIRD time today and finally booked the dining table! *YAY! I have a new dining table!!*

And then I was reading this home design magazine and found a link to Winkplay which is basically a decal for walls, it's like an easy to remove kind of wallpaper and it comes in many many unique designs. It seems like a very cool idea.. going to check out the designs soon, they have shops at Marina Square and Raffles City :)

And so we're officially moving some stuff there on the 19th! Actually I think this is kinda lame.. we're moving items on that day because his parents said it's a good day to move.. so we going to move pails of rice, broom, etc.. I dun care lah, as long as can move very good already! :D

Friday, May 16, 2008

Make Easy Money with Google

No, I'm not asking you to go work for Google, that's actually the title of a book I just read recently. The complete title is "Make Easy Money with Google - Using the Adsense Advertising Program".

I've been serving Adsense on my blogs for a while and yet I'm not earning that much, in fact all the earning are all unrealized earnings as Google will only pay when the earning reaches USD 100.00. So I decided to go and find out what I'm missing out and borrowed many Google Adsense and Adwords books from library, and this is the first book that I read because it's thin and colorful *ok you can call me shallow or lazy whatever you want*

This book is really easy to read as it tells you about Google Adsense but in a story form, it's just like reading a story book! The "story" is about a guy who noticed that the writer of this book has some advert in his website and wanted to do so too. So the writer was teaching him step-by-step from choosing content, creating the site, applying for an Adsense account, and how to get more traffic.

Overall, this is a good read for a beginner Adsense publisher, I'll need something more advance. Oh btw, I knew why my blog is not generating much clicks. It's because the content of this blog is just to random. I basically just talk, or rather rant, about anything that I wanna blog about.


We went to our new flat last night to tell the contractor what we want to do with the new flat. He said we chose the correct flat *of course!* coz there isn't much work to do in it :)

Hubby said I can decide on the paint color so I chose white color because I like bright and clean house as compared to those warm natural earth tone theme, but everyone was questioning and doubting and objecting to what I chose... their reason "will have headache if the whole house is white" *are u kidding me?!?!*

And then the dining room.. I wanted to remove the mirror.... but they are saying it matches my in-laws dining chairs so shdn't remove.. BUT I'M GOING TO BUY MY OWN DINING SET IN THE FUTURE!!! so upset!!!! and we're just going to use the dining chair temporarily until we sort off recover from the damage that the DP cost us! And when we buy the new dining set, are we going to repaint or redo the rest of the dining room? waste some more $$$ !!!!


And since beginning my hubby and I already decided that we're going with the stylish theme, white black and red, and now suddenly all these dark wooden stuff appear which is totally not matching!!

What irks me even more is my hubby's lack of design sense.. he can't tell whether it matches or not *faint*

It's really very hard for me to decide without making myself look like a very evil person.. in one hand, I don't like their furnitures.. on the other hand I feel bad that they have to throw them away coz they are selling the condo and it's impossible for them to ship all these furnitures and put it in their Taipei flat..

BUT WHY IS IT MY PROBLEM WHEN THEY'RE NOT EVEN MY FURNITURES? and noone consulted us when the furnitures were bought..

And I think my hubby was really evil when he asked me in front of my in-laws "So do you want to take my parents' TV console?" It's like what do you expect me to say! Just REJECT their goods in front of their face?? If I accept it then it's like taking a furniture that I don't like but I just have to bear with it.. if I said "no" it's hurting other people's feeling.. tell me what I shd do!! *UPSET!!*

To be 100000% frank, I'd rather move-in to an empty house and I can slowly buy the furnitures that I like, rather than taking in furnitures that I don't like and try to replace it one-by-one... It gives me a feeling that my new flat has now become a second hand furniture warehouse...

And yeah I know it's my hubby's house too, in fact he paid more than me, so maybe he wants to help his parents a bit, but if we already agreed for something, shouldn't you stick to the agreement and not make me look really bad in front of other people? :(

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our new flat before mini reno

We went to our new flat yesterday and took some photos so that we can compare whether we made the house look nicer or worse after our so-called mini reno :D

So this is the kitchen looking bare without fridge and washing machine.. we'll be taking the one in my in-laws' house coz they are selling the house, and the fridge is quite good coz it has auto ice maker. we can't find another model that has auto icemaker and not so humongous.. we have limited space for fridge and washing machine..

This is living room.. i like this room coz it's the biggest room in the house.. and it has nice fake ceiling with alternate yellow and white light.. just choose one color based on your mood :)

Our first guests in our living room

52" LCD TV at dining room
hehe actually it's just a mirror

Common room + toilet

Whose monkey is this?!

Master bedroom + toilet

Hubby in his new room.. HAHHAHAJoke aside, this is actually a bomb shelter, which can also be used as store room. Not sure since which year the Spore government has this idea of building a bomb shelter. This part of the house supposedly will be intact if a bomb explodes in the house.. one of the housing agent actually said even if the whole building collapse, the bomb shelter will stay, but how we go down since no more lifts and staircases?!

And this is him about to "initiate" the master bedroom toilet...

Tomorrow we'll be meeting the contractor to tell him what needs to be done.. but actually we haven't decided which items to stay and which items will be removed.. for e.g. the 52" LCD TV.. oops I mean the mirror at the dining room.. I think it should be removed but my hubby think it's useful.. *is he being vain?*

And I'm in-charge of deciding what color to paint the house.. I cant decide between bright white or yellowish white.. I think bright white makes the house look bigger and cleaner but it gives a cold feeling, whereas yellowish white make the house feels warmer, but natural rather than contemporary... haiz.. why can we change the color of the wall with a press of a button?!

And I'm quite worried that the contractor will quote us a very expensive price for this job, coz he quoted my sis 4K to make a wardrobe! *horrified*

Monday, May 12, 2008


We got the key to our new flat today! Can't wait to go there!!

Love Truly a.k.a I Really Really Like You

This is probably the 2nd longest Korean drama I ever watched. The longest one being Jang-geum or more formally "Jewel In The Palace". It took me 3 weeks to finish k! Ok lah, not fully because the series is very long but also due to my busy schedule and so many conference calls!!

The story of this drama is about 3 people who live in Cheongwatae or Blue House (which is the place where President of Korea lives). Yeo Bong-soon is a country bumpkin who lives in the mountain area with her grandma. One day she found an unconsicous guy, Jang Jong-woon who is actually a doctor and son of president of Korea.

After Bong-soon's grandma passed away, she comes to Seoul to look for her parents, carrying only pictures of them. Coincidentally, she was looking at this big screen in Seoul where the president of Korea was talking and she realized that he's the same guy as the guy in the photo! So her dad is actually president of Korea.. how weird is that.. hahahha..

Ok and then there's also Nam Bong-ki who is working as Secret Service or Security for the President family. Bong-soon stays at Bong-ki's place because she has nowhere to go after someone stole her money (after selling her family member called Bong-hwa which is actually a cow... and she bring her sister called Bong-hee which is actually a duck.. HAHAHAHAHHA.. so hillarious..)


Side note, through out this drama, Eugene (the actress who acts as Bong-soon) has to speak in fake accent because supposedly she comes from countryside.. how difficult is that.. it sounds really weird to me even though I don't even speak Korean..

YBS fell in love with JJW because JJW always helps her when she's in trouble, but she didnt know that JJW is actually married with a kid. His wife has dementia and his in-laws been pestering him to get a divorce and to carry on with his life. But JJW feels responsible towards his wife and will not leave her unless she wants to leave herself.. and slowly he too was falling for YBS... extra marital affair!! dun like this part...

YBS kept on fighting with NBK due to some misunderstandings and also since YBS came from countryside, she caused a lot of problems when she just came to Seoul. But soon NBK also falls for YBS.. triangle romance... story starts to get interesting.. hahaha..

There're also funny characters like the stupid Sin-jeong who chased after a guy for his money, and then there's this super fat kitchen assistant (88 kg in the movie) who chase after this super handsome and super capable agent (nicknamed ROBOCOP.. HAHHHHAHAHAHHA)

I found the storyline a bit boring at first but towards the middle part, the story got really interesting and I just couldn't sleep without finish watching the whole DVD.. hence many late night sleeps and gaining weight... *finding excuse for gaining weight*

Oh and the last part where they have the demonstration of Korea secret service is very cool.. they demo how they protect the president.. so cool...


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting our house key soon!

We are getting our house key on Monday and I'm soooooo excited! wah this is like the longest battle ever loh!! we've been wanting to buy house for so long, maybe for about 1.5 year already... *phew*

Anyway our agent will be going to HDB to collect the key from the seller? or from HDB? not sure.. she's very kind to offer, so that we dun have to take leave from work.. *i onli left 3 days for this year.. horrible!!* and since she staying next block from our current place, so it'll be easy to get the key from her :)

*doing stupid excited dance*

Anyway, the next step will be bringing the contractor to the house to let him see the place first before he take down some of the stuff that were built-in to the wall, like some shelves and the big mirror at the dining room... and repaint the house.. :)

*doing another round of stupid excited dance*

next question is when can i move in? I don't believe on choosing good dates for occassions, so to me ASAP is better but of course must be weekend or public holiday lah, then no need to take leave, but my hubby side believe in this kind of thing so gotta listen to them also.

And some ppl asked me many times (u know who u are) when my housewarming will be. Honestly, I don't know. I mean I havent even gotten the key and haven't even decided on the moving date, how can I decide on housewarming? A bit too far right.. Maybe these ppl very eager to buy me housewarming presents... hahaha.. *it's ok, i know u love me a lot HAHAHHAHA*

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My weight loss plan

I don't know whether this will work or not but I guess it's worth a try *grin*
  1. No carbo for dinner

  2. No oily stuff and less carbo for lunch

  3. Exercise at least once a week
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Badminton
    • What else??

  4. Drink more water

  5. No food after 8 PM

  6. Sleep early if there's no conference call... conference calls are making me fat.. :(

  7. Take more items that can increase metabolism
    • Chili
    • Cayanne Pepper
    • Green tea
    • Ginger
    • Mustard... with hot dog??
    • Cinamon
    • Fish oil supplement
    • What else??

  8. Do more housework.. my hubby will be damn happy if he sees this..

  9. Only can eat KFC or other fast food once a month

  10. Only can eat one bag (how big??) of chips in one month

  11. Take laxatives??

Any other suggestions?

sexy clothes for me?

Been thinking about this for a while after I noticed that my hubby's close friends' gf / fiance / soon-to-be wife always wear sexy clothes.. well, sexy in my opinion, but maybe normal for other people standard.. for e.g. spaghetti strap, mini skirt, mini denim shorts, etc..

I think so far I haven't seen them in anything with sleeves (not that I met them lots of times, i think less than 5 for each girls.. ) but I can't help wondering whether my hubby prefers that kind of girls or someone who is more like me.. I guess I'm pretty conservative, I seldom wear sleeveless top and I think I've never worn anything mini in my life.. (I don't consider FBT shorts as sexy..)

So I asked him whether he feels "jealous" that his own wife is not wearing sth sexy, he said he doesn't mind but who knows what's going on inside his head right.. hahahaha.. :p

Anyway, the reason that I don't wear sexy clothes is not because of some religious or principal reason.. it's more because I don't think I look nice in those type of clothes.. my arms will look so fat loh!!! I want to lose weight like my fren here who has lost more than 10kg but I don't want to spend that kind of money for the slimming activity, and what if I suddenly get pregnant? Won't the effort be wasted?!

Ah dilemma dilemma... so in the meanwhile, I just have to find some cheap method to lose weight.. like maybe DON'T EAT ANYTHING! then i can lose weight and save $$$ at the same time.. :D

There were some diet methods that I tried in the past, like for e.g. skip dinner and only drink miso soup at night (this worked but the effect didn't last long), eat less oily stuff (this doesn't really work.. onli to maintain the weight..), go to gym (this doesnt work.. HAHAHHA... coz i went to gym so little time due to busy schedule and of course due to my fav fren --> LAZINESS!)

Anyway, if any of u trying to lose weight, dun forget to jio me to join ur exercise regime or whatever regime that u have.. they said it's easier to keep on doing it if you have someone accompanying u :)

But will I wear sexy clothes even if I lose weight? It's not like I was never in my target weight before... *go into deep thinking mode*

Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm tired.... but excited!!

I'm so tired even with the Labor Day holiday and weekend... was busy looking for stuff for the new house and also packing... we spent the whole weekend packing and cleaning the house coz my in-laws want to sell the condo, so we gotta make the place looks cleany and roomy..

So this is how the place looks like now..

Books and CDs are packed..

My study table looking bare..this is bare ok..
it has much much more stuff before that..

Finally can see the top of the side table and chest of drawers...

Snacks to eat when tired... HAHAHA

The worst thing is my mini Bodyshop has closed down!!
NVM, it will reopen in a bigger branch in SK!

We also found this old photo of 2 of us before we got married (this was taken by WhiteLink uncle when we signed up the package with them).. we were so thin back then... and now we are so disgustingly fat!! :(

As if packing is not tiring enough, we also dusted, wiped, swept and other stuff to make the room look cleaner... and not to mentioned the countless number of trips down to the big big rubbish chute and recycle bin...

And then some random pics of the world outside our room...

And since there were people coming to view the house, it was better for hubby and I to leave the condo.. can make the house look bigger.. HAHAHHA.. so we went to Orchard and Plaza Sing, walked until my legs nearly break!!

I need another weekend to recover from all this packing and moving frenzy!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - May

WOW It's May now! time really flies... anyway it's time for resolution check again.. i start to feel that this is a good way to keep myself on track of what i wanna achieve in my life.. setting smaller goals over a 1-year period.. :)

So here it goes..

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. We had our final inspection last Sunday *but forgot to take photos!* and everything was in order, the house is in pretty good condition, all the electricals like lights, heaters, etc are working. Just wrote a cheque to pay for the downpayment and agent comission last night.. feeling a little bit poor now but it's all for good reasons!
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) I thought I'm better but I just couldn't resist blowing my top off when he always goes off to smoke and leave me some place waiting for him... irritating! SMOKING is bad for your health and your spouse's mental health!!
  3. Lost weight!!! STILL 8 kg to target weight.. a long way.. but I gotta look slim for sis wedding in June else I'll have no dress to wear!!!
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( No plan so far...
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! so far so good =)
  6. Be better spiritually :) oops, not doing well here either...
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥ checked ♥
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! ♥ checked ♥
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) Still under argument over when and what model to buy

I can sing Korean songs now

Suddenly I had this idea to search for one of my favourite Korean drama OST lyrics "mianae". All along I know that Altavisa is very good for searching song lyrics. And I found this site where the owner romanized (means put into a-b-c alphabets) a lot of Korean drama lyrics!

Wah I sing until so happy loh! :D

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