Monday, May 19, 2008

19 May 2008....

is a very eventful day for our extended family...

My in-laws said it's a good day to move house so they made us move there symbolically, so we just brought a few items from home, and went to NTUC to buy some house cleaning stuff, and rice.. I think I look quite ridiculous carrying the big platic bag and long broom + mop, trying to buy chicken rice from the food court! DIE DIE have to take cab back.. cannot *lose image* even before we really stay there! :D

And then we went back to eat *supposedly there's a meaning of eating in that house also* but I don't care lah. I eat when I'm hungry... then we measured the curtain again, for the dunno how many thousand times.. hehehe..

My in-laws then went back to their house leaving us to do our own stuff, so my hubby settled room by room.. we should have bought spare clothes to change coz it was a lot of work trying to pack everything and making sure everything is ok.

Masterbed room - change the spoilt light bulb and make the room much brighter. Threw away somebody's red underwear that got stuck on our sun shield! HAAHAHAHAHHA GROSS!!!

Common rooms - didn't do much work on these 2 rooms..

Living room - tidy up a bit

Dining room - I dusted the unwanted mirror.. :p

Kitchen - Opened all the drawers and air them

And then Jess and TTS came to see the place too hehehe the first thing she wants to use is the TOILET! *faint*

She did QC on our flat hahahhaha and she even took some photos, I started to think that she might come from the HDB Valuation office! LOL! Some photos that she took can be found at this blog.

Jess and TTS also found out that we can't switch on the aircons but previously we tested all ok. Maybe we just gotta find the main switch somewhere somehow :)

We then left our flat, Jess and TTS went to their chalet at Fernvale HAHAHA.. I then went to kaypoh at my sister's place. They just bought this really comfy recliner sofa so I gotta try it! HAHAHAHHA.. You can adjust this recliner from normal sitting position until lying down!! :D

Then after that, hubby and I went to IKEA Tampines.. wah there are design ideas everywhere on this place! It makes me even more confused actually.. BUT in a good way :)

We bought some smaller stuff for the house like dust bin and toilet brush. Wanted to buy some bigger items but scared that they cannot hold it for us a few more days until after we finish painting the house..

And we STILL HAVENT MADE THE CURTAIN!!! We found out that IKEA fabrics width is about 150 cm but our living room windows is 345 cm x 250 cm.. so we gotta connect the fabric to make the curtain and I'm not sure if it's a good idea.. will the curtain look weird?? at the end we didnt make or buy any curtain from there.. *sigh* Actually was considering the 2nd from top fabric for living room and the one at the bottom for our own room.. will it be too "noisy"?

And then we went to Courts, just next to IKEA.. They designed the place such that you have to go through every floor because the entrance is on the top floor! We had very good self-control as we only bought the item that we aimed to buy - TOWER FAN!! The flat is quite hot when the wind is not blowing or when the windows are closed, so fan is a necessity! :)

And this is not over yet... we're going back to the Sengkang flat to put down all this stuff.. but when we just got in the cab, hubby's parents called him to tell him that THEY HAVE SOLD THE FLAT!! And since my hubby is listed as one of the owners, he gotta rush back to sign some documents.

When we reached our flat, we tested the fan.. it's working.. so we packed everything and put inside the bomb shelter a.k.a storeroom a.k.a hubby room.. HAHHAHA..

And then we rushed back to Jurong East only to found out that THEY BLUFFED US!! Actually no need to rush because the agent still gotta prepare all the documents! *sigh*

Anyway, the agent *the same agent as the one who helped us find our flat* came at night and settled all the paperworks. So on 19 May 2008, we moved to our new flat and they sold their condo :)

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