Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - May

WOW It's May now! time really flies... anyway it's time for resolution check again.. i start to feel that this is a good way to keep myself on track of what i wanna achieve in my life.. setting smaller goals over a 1-year period.. :)

So here it goes..

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. We had our final inspection last Sunday *but forgot to take photos!* and everything was in order, the house is in pretty good condition, all the electricals like lights, heaters, etc are working. Just wrote a cheque to pay for the downpayment and agent comission last night.. feeling a little bit poor now but it's all for good reasons!
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) I thought I'm better but I just couldn't resist blowing my top off when he always goes off to smoke and leave me some place waiting for him... irritating! SMOKING is bad for your health and your spouse's mental health!!
  3. Lost weight!!! STILL 8 kg to target weight.. a long way.. but I gotta look slim for sis wedding in June else I'll have no dress to wear!!!
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( No plan so far...
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! so far so good =)
  6. Be better spiritually :) oops, not doing well here either...
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥ checked ♥
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! ♥ checked ♥
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) Still under argument over when and what model to buy

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