Monday, May 26, 2008

About moving house

The contractor said he can start working on Wednesday night so he'll finish on Saturday *YAY!!*. We decided to move on Sunday 1 June but my in-laws are going back 6 June, means they'll have to live without fridge or washing machine for a few days...

We asked my in-laws if they wanna move there together with us and they REJECTED us!! *shocked* I thought they will be happy about it but seems like they still wanna live in their current place, even without fridge and washing machine!

Well, I guess it's up to them then. Maybe they have some attachment to the house and also their grandchildren are going there for swimming lessons every Wednesday :) But I just feel that it's quite hard to understand what's in the mind of the parents..

They also said that they will accompany us when we're moving coz they are worried about us. Weird ah.. we are sooooo old oredi!! And I've been living independently without my parents since I was 17!!! What's there to be worried about? hahahah.. parents worry too much!

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