Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting our house key soon!

We are getting our house key on Monday and I'm soooooo excited! wah this is like the longest battle ever loh!! we've been wanting to buy house for so long, maybe for about 1.5 year already... *phew*

Anyway our agent will be going to HDB to collect the key from the seller? or from HDB? not sure.. she's very kind to offer, so that we dun have to take leave from work.. *i onli left 3 days for this year.. horrible!!* and since she staying next block from our current place, so it'll be easy to get the key from her :)

*doing stupid excited dance*

Anyway, the next step will be bringing the contractor to the house to let him see the place first before he take down some of the stuff that were built-in to the wall, like some shelves and the big mirror at the dining room... and repaint the house.. :)

*doing another round of stupid excited dance*

next question is when can i move in? I don't believe on choosing good dates for occassions, so to me ASAP is better but of course must be weekend or public holiday lah, then no need to take leave, but my hubby side believe in this kind of thing so gotta listen to them also.

And some ppl asked me many times (u know who u are) when my housewarming will be. Honestly, I don't know. I mean I havent even gotten the key and haven't even decided on the moving date, how can I decide on housewarming? A bit too far right.. Maybe these ppl very eager to buy me housewarming presents... hahaha.. *it's ok, i know u love me a lot HAHAHHAHA*

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