Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm tired.... but excited!!

I'm so tired even with the Labor Day holiday and weekend... was busy looking for stuff for the new house and also packing... we spent the whole weekend packing and cleaning the house coz my in-laws want to sell the condo, so we gotta make the place looks cleany and roomy..

So this is how the place looks like now..

Books and CDs are packed..

My study table looking bare..this is bare ok..
it has much much more stuff before that..

Finally can see the top of the side table and chest of drawers...

Snacks to eat when tired... HAHAHA

The worst thing is my mini Bodyshop has closed down!!
NVM, it will reopen in a bigger branch in SK!

We also found this old photo of 2 of us before we got married (this was taken by WhiteLink uncle when we signed up the package with them).. we were so thin back then... and now we are so disgustingly fat!! :(

As if packing is not tiring enough, we also dusted, wiped, swept and other stuff to make the room look cleaner... and not to mentioned the countless number of trips down to the big big rubbish chute and recycle bin...

And then some random pics of the world outside our room...

And since there were people coming to view the house, it was better for hubby and I to leave the condo.. can make the house look bigger.. HAHAHHA.. so we went to Orchard and Plaza Sing, walked until my legs nearly break!!

I need another weekend to recover from all this packing and moving frenzy!!

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