Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is this my first lame blog post?

I'm feeling very nervous right now waiting for someone making a big decision about me *cross fingers* so I decided to update my blog. Ok today I'm going to write about.....


My faithful iron has been serving me really really well. I bought it for Rp. 52,000.00 (about SGD 10 at that time) when I graduated from Uni in 2003. So it has served me (plus some other people who borrowed it) for about 5 years now.. wow.. time really flies..

At that time steam iron was something quite new and it was quite expensive to get one in Singapore so I went back Indo and my mom bought it for me there coz that time havent earned my own money yet *grin*

So it has helped me straighten the clothes that I wore for my first job interview, 2nd job interview, etc.. basically all the interview clothes lah coz I only have 1 iron HAHAHAHA :p

I really like using steam iron compared to the normal one coz it makes ironing a breeze, the clothes get straight much faster. My ex-colleague used to call me "crazy bitch" when I told her that I even iron my jeans and T-shirt *gotta look good u know!* but after I told her about the steam iron, she's totally hooked on it. If I'm not wrong, she said she spent 6 hours ironing HAHAHAHHAHA... :D

Ok this post is getting more and more irrelevant...

But one last thing.. I love you Mrs. Iron :D

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