Monday, May 12, 2008

Love Truly a.k.a I Really Really Like You

This is probably the 2nd longest Korean drama I ever watched. The longest one being Jang-geum or more formally "Jewel In The Palace". It took me 3 weeks to finish k! Ok lah, not fully because the series is very long but also due to my busy schedule and so many conference calls!!

The story of this drama is about 3 people who live in Cheongwatae or Blue House (which is the place where President of Korea lives). Yeo Bong-soon is a country bumpkin who lives in the mountain area with her grandma. One day she found an unconsicous guy, Jang Jong-woon who is actually a doctor and son of president of Korea.

After Bong-soon's grandma passed away, she comes to Seoul to look for her parents, carrying only pictures of them. Coincidentally, she was looking at this big screen in Seoul where the president of Korea was talking and she realized that he's the same guy as the guy in the photo! So her dad is actually president of Korea.. how weird is that.. hahahha..

Ok and then there's also Nam Bong-ki who is working as Secret Service or Security for the President family. Bong-soon stays at Bong-ki's place because she has nowhere to go after someone stole her money (after selling her family member called Bong-hwa which is actually a cow... and she bring her sister called Bong-hee which is actually a duck.. HAHAHAHAHHA.. so hillarious..)


Side note, through out this drama, Eugene (the actress who acts as Bong-soon) has to speak in fake accent because supposedly she comes from countryside.. how difficult is that.. it sounds really weird to me even though I don't even speak Korean..

YBS fell in love with JJW because JJW always helps her when she's in trouble, but she didnt know that JJW is actually married with a kid. His wife has dementia and his in-laws been pestering him to get a divorce and to carry on with his life. But JJW feels responsible towards his wife and will not leave her unless she wants to leave herself.. and slowly he too was falling for YBS... extra marital affair!! dun like this part...

YBS kept on fighting with NBK due to some misunderstandings and also since YBS came from countryside, she caused a lot of problems when she just came to Seoul. But soon NBK also falls for YBS.. triangle romance... story starts to get interesting.. hahaha..

There're also funny characters like the stupid Sin-jeong who chased after a guy for his money, and then there's this super fat kitchen assistant (88 kg in the movie) who chase after this super handsome and super capable agent (nicknamed ROBOCOP.. HAHHHHAHAHAHHA)

I found the storyline a bit boring at first but towards the middle part, the story got really interesting and I just couldn't sleep without finish watching the whole DVD.. hence many late night sleeps and gaining weight... *finding excuse for gaining weight*

Oh and the last part where they have the demonstration of Korea secret service is very cool.. they demo how they protect the president.. so cool...


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