Friday, May 16, 2008

Make Easy Money with Google

No, I'm not asking you to go work for Google, that's actually the title of a book I just read recently. The complete title is "Make Easy Money with Google - Using the Adsense Advertising Program".

I've been serving Adsense on my blogs for a while and yet I'm not earning that much, in fact all the earning are all unrealized earnings as Google will only pay when the earning reaches USD 100.00. So I decided to go and find out what I'm missing out and borrowed many Google Adsense and Adwords books from library, and this is the first book that I read because it's thin and colorful *ok you can call me shallow or lazy whatever you want*

This book is really easy to read as it tells you about Google Adsense but in a story form, it's just like reading a story book! The "story" is about a guy who noticed that the writer of this book has some advert in his website and wanted to do so too. So the writer was teaching him step-by-step from choosing content, creating the site, applying for an Adsense account, and how to get more traffic.

Overall, this is a good read for a beginner Adsense publisher, I'll need something more advance. Oh btw, I knew why my blog is not generating much clicks. It's because the content of this blog is just to random. I basically just talk, or rather rant, about anything that I wanna blog about.

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