Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mini reno

Yesterday we met up with the contractor to confirm the quotation and also to pass him the flat keys. We found that there's a huge hole in the study room wall and we showed it to the contractor. He said we gotta replaster that wall.. there're 2 ways to do it:

1. Plaster only the broken part - 300 bucks
2. Plaster the whole wall - 500 bucks

ARRRGGGHHH!!!! Some more extra cost!! Our agent said HDB will only pay for the repair if it's structural problem, but this is obviously not structural problem but the previous contractor didn't do a good job plastering the wall...

Anyway after much consideration, we decided to plaster the whole wall (also advised by THS - Terrence Housing Service), in case next time the other part of the wall also crack and affect the newly plaster side... good thinking eh :D

So our reno cost going to cost us 1K (for painting) + 250 (for master bedroom toilet mirror) + 500 for plastering... $1750!! *sigh..* It's cheaper than when other ppl usually reno their house lah, but still so much $$$ get out of our pocket at a short time frame..

Anyway, I hope the contractor that we hired do a good job for our flat. They have started working this morning and expect to finish all the other room by Friday and the study room will be the last on Saturday..

Then our dining table will come on Saturday also..

Then we're moving on Sunday! YAY!! Hopefully the paint dry oredi by then...

In the meanwhile, we're busy packing all the stuff... the current place is like a mess!! boxes everywhere!! And I don't have enough luggages to pack all my clothes! And there's the huge wedding gown!! I have to find a way to keep it clean when shifting.. wear it? HAHAHHAA :p *I dont think I can fit anymore*

And we also gotta collect our free Samsung home entertainment system by this Friday... so busy lah!!!

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