Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My weight loss plan

I don't know whether this will work or not but I guess it's worth a try *grin*
  1. No carbo for dinner

  2. No oily stuff and less carbo for lunch

  3. Exercise at least once a week
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Badminton
    • What else??

  4. Drink more water

  5. No food after 8 PM

  6. Sleep early if there's no conference call... conference calls are making me fat.. :(

  7. Take more items that can increase metabolism
    • Chili
    • Cayanne Pepper
    • Green tea
    • Ginger
    • Mustard... with hot dog??
    • Cinamon
    • Fish oil supplement
    • What else??

  8. Do more housework.. my hubby will be damn happy if he sees this..

  9. Only can eat KFC or other fast food once a month

  10. Only can eat one bag (how big??) of chips in one month

  11. Take laxatives??

Any other suggestions?

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