Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our new flat before mini reno

We went to our new flat yesterday and took some photos so that we can compare whether we made the house look nicer or worse after our so-called mini reno :D

So this is the kitchen looking bare without fridge and washing machine.. we'll be taking the one in my in-laws' house coz they are selling the house, and the fridge is quite good coz it has auto ice maker. we can't find another model that has auto icemaker and not so humongous.. we have limited space for fridge and washing machine..

This is living room.. i like this room coz it's the biggest room in the house.. and it has nice fake ceiling with alternate yellow and white light.. just choose one color based on your mood :)

Our first guests in our living room

52" LCD TV at dining room
hehe actually it's just a mirror

Common room + toilet

Whose monkey is this?!

Master bedroom + toilet

Hubby in his new room.. HAHHAHAJoke aside, this is actually a bomb shelter, which can also be used as store room. Not sure since which year the Spore government has this idea of building a bomb shelter. This part of the house supposedly will be intact if a bomb explodes in the house.. one of the housing agent actually said even if the whole building collapse, the bomb shelter will stay, but how we go down since no more lifts and staircases?!

And this is him about to "initiate" the master bedroom toilet...

Tomorrow we'll be meeting the contractor to tell him what needs to be done.. but actually we haven't decided which items to stay and which items will be removed.. for e.g. the 52" LCD TV.. oops I mean the mirror at the dining room.. I think it should be removed but my hubby think it's useful.. *is he being vain?*

And I'm in-charge of deciding what color to paint the house.. I cant decide between bright white or yellowish white.. I think bright white makes the house look bigger and cleaner but it gives a cold feeling, whereas yellowish white make the house feels warmer, but natural rather than contemporary... haiz.. why can we change the color of the wall with a press of a button?!

And I'm quite worried that the contractor will quote us a very expensive price for this job, coz he quoted my sis 4K to make a wardrobe! *horrified*

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