Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sexy clothes for me?

Been thinking about this for a while after I noticed that my hubby's close friends' gf / fiance / soon-to-be wife always wear sexy clothes.. well, sexy in my opinion, but maybe normal for other people standard.. for e.g. spaghetti strap, mini skirt, mini denim shorts, etc..

I think so far I haven't seen them in anything with sleeves (not that I met them lots of times, i think less than 5 for each girls.. ) but I can't help wondering whether my hubby prefers that kind of girls or someone who is more like me.. I guess I'm pretty conservative, I seldom wear sleeveless top and I think I've never worn anything mini in my life.. (I don't consider FBT shorts as sexy..)

So I asked him whether he feels "jealous" that his own wife is not wearing sth sexy, he said he doesn't mind but who knows what's going on inside his head right.. hahahaha.. :p

Anyway, the reason that I don't wear sexy clothes is not because of some religious or principal reason.. it's more because I don't think I look nice in those type of clothes.. my arms will look so fat loh!!! I want to lose weight like my fren here who has lost more than 10kg but I don't want to spend that kind of money for the slimming activity, and what if I suddenly get pregnant? Won't the effort be wasted?!

Ah dilemma dilemma... so in the meanwhile, I just have to find some cheap method to lose weight.. like maybe DON'T EAT ANYTHING! then i can lose weight and save $$$ at the same time.. :D

There were some diet methods that I tried in the past, like for e.g. skip dinner and only drink miso soup at night (this worked but the effect didn't last long), eat less oily stuff (this doesn't really work.. onli to maintain the weight..), go to gym (this doesnt work.. HAHAHHA... coz i went to gym so little time due to busy schedule and of course due to my fav fren --> LAZINESS!)

Anyway, if any of u trying to lose weight, dun forget to jio me to join ur exercise regime or whatever regime that u have.. they said it's easier to keep on doing it if you have someone accompanying u :)

But will I wear sexy clothes even if I lose weight? It's not like I was never in my target weight before... *go into deep thinking mode*

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