Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is soooo unfair !!!

This weekend is very eventful and tiring.. Saturday morning we shifted more fragile stuff to the new house, setup a shelf in the bomb shelter so that it looks tidier. We also cleaned the windows, doors, etc so that next time after we finished painting the house, we won't make the dust from those items fly to the wall again...

So this is the dirty window that we were trying to clean.. it looks really dark and no shine at all...

We spent more than 2 hours cleaning the living room windows, it looks like as if it was never cleaned for years!! but the after-effect is really fulfilling, the windows look really clean :)

HAHAHAHAH ok this photo has been photoshopped for demonstration purpose coz it's hard to take "glowing" photo of the windows!

We even wiped the door and cornices *my first time*... So there we were cleaning the house full force, I think I shd have lost abt 2 kg doing all those work!

After that we took shower at our new house *yay!* Oh but I found out that the water will leak out from the below part of the glass panel... gotta do sth abt this.. Then at night we went to HT house for MJ *not me playing though* then back to our place for supper *gained 0.5 kg?* Btw, his friends said that the window grills are ugly, they said look like prison grill.... :(

After that went to sis house to visit our new TV *Hi, TV!*. We asked the Harvey Norman ppl to deliver to her address first becoz we are not staying at the new place yet.

Then today we also had full day activity. After lunch, we went to IKEA to make curtains but only managed to make for master bedroom and study room. We planned to use the one that we have in our current room for the other common room and maybe go to Spotlight to make the one for living room since the fabric in Spotlight is wider..

After that we went WALKED to Honda showroom, then Mitsubishi showoom, then lastly Kia showroom *there was a pink color Barbie car.... wont want to be seen in that!!*

Next WALKED to the bus stop but took cab *waste of effort!! With all the walking shd have lost 0.5kg from last night supper* Ok we reached Plaza Singapura. First destination is Starhub coz we wanna get the Hubstation coz there's promotion for this. Get the hubstation at discounted price (197 bucks) and get free internet for 1 year or until end of 2009, dunno which one.. but the queue was so long so we decided to do other business first..

So we went to Spotlight to find fabric for living room curtain. We found one that we like but they don't have enough of that! And it was also too short :(

So we continue to wander around.. then we had dinner.. then we went back to Starhub, this time round we managed to get the queue number quite fast but the girl at the reception tell us that our number will be called in approximately 2 hours!! *faint*

So we continued to wander around.. i think i shd have at least lost another 0.5 kg for this walking around!! We even went to Citigems to buy jewelry for sis wedding and our number is not being called yet!! SO SLOW AND TIRING!!!!

So after everything is settled and the damaged to our pocket is nearly 1K, we decided to NOT take cab and take bus 502 instead but the waiting time is 31 minutes according to the board, so we took MRT instead.. another long journey and we couldn't get any seat in the train. So we were standing all the way from Dhoby Ghaut to Chinese Garden while carrying all the stuff.. *should at least lost another 0.5kg loh..*

So when I reached home, I went toilet to further lose more weight HAHAHH then next is off to the weighing scale..


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