Friday, May 16, 2008


We went to our new flat last night to tell the contractor what we want to do with the new flat. He said we chose the correct flat *of course!* coz there isn't much work to do in it :)

Hubby said I can decide on the paint color so I chose white color because I like bright and clean house as compared to those warm natural earth tone theme, but everyone was questioning and doubting and objecting to what I chose... their reason "will have headache if the whole house is white" *are u kidding me?!?!*

And then the dining room.. I wanted to remove the mirror.... but they are saying it matches my in-laws dining chairs so shdn't remove.. BUT I'M GOING TO BUY MY OWN DINING SET IN THE FUTURE!!! so upset!!!! and we're just going to use the dining chair temporarily until we sort off recover from the damage that the DP cost us! And when we buy the new dining set, are we going to repaint or redo the rest of the dining room? waste some more $$$ !!!!


And since beginning my hubby and I already decided that we're going with the stylish theme, white black and red, and now suddenly all these dark wooden stuff appear which is totally not matching!!

What irks me even more is my hubby's lack of design sense.. he can't tell whether it matches or not *faint*

It's really very hard for me to decide without making myself look like a very evil person.. in one hand, I don't like their furnitures.. on the other hand I feel bad that they have to throw them away coz they are selling the condo and it's impossible for them to ship all these furnitures and put it in their Taipei flat..

BUT WHY IS IT MY PROBLEM WHEN THEY'RE NOT EVEN MY FURNITURES? and noone consulted us when the furnitures were bought..

And I think my hubby was really evil when he asked me in front of my in-laws "So do you want to take my parents' TV console?" It's like what do you expect me to say! Just REJECT their goods in front of their face?? If I accept it then it's like taking a furniture that I don't like but I just have to bear with it.. if I said "no" it's hurting other people's feeling.. tell me what I shd do!! *UPSET!!*

To be 100000% frank, I'd rather move-in to an empty house and I can slowly buy the furnitures that I like, rather than taking in furnitures that I don't like and try to replace it one-by-one... It gives me a feeling that my new flat has now become a second hand furniture warehouse...

And yeah I know it's my hubby's house too, in fact he paid more than me, so maybe he wants to help his parents a bit, but if we already agreed for something, shouldn't you stick to the agreement and not make me look really bad in front of other people? :(

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