Sunday, June 29, 2008

Suryani Baby First Month Celebration

I went to Suryani's baby first month celebration today! Yes it is that FAST! Just attended her wedding last July and now the baby is 1 month already! That girl is up on the express way! And the baby is so cute loh! Can behave like adult, keep on stretching his tiny body when he feels sleepy :D

And we managed to eat a lot and slack a lot.. we also chose the best room.. the master room because the aircon was on! HAHAHHAHA.. there were really a lot of people! Luckily their house is very big.. 2-storey executive maisonette.. nice nice! :)


Today is my official last day in Mercer and Friday was the last working day... I feel so relaxed now that I don't have to attend any night calls or do maintenance on weekends.. and also don't need to be on standby in case someone calls us at night when some server is down... The feeling is just soooooo relax...

But leaving the company on Friday was quite hard coz there was mixed feeling... I like the people there and I think I'm going to miss the people and the stuff that we do together like the tea breaks and chit chatting.. ha ha ha.. not the meetings though :D

But I'm looking forward to my new role in the new company... and I can always meet them for lunch or dinner after works.. the office is just a stone throw away! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's finally here!

We collected our new car today! Jianghan was there also to help spot any scratch / dent / defects on the car, didn't find any except for a few small bubbles at the side of the solar film. The sales girl said just use finger to push it to the side then it should be ok.. Hopefully what she said is true!!

Will post photos of the car next time when I bought my new camera...

So hubby drove the car back to his office car park and then we went lunch after that. Then I drove the car back to my office, kena 1 dollar ERP loh!! After that my hubby drove the car back to his own office..

The drama stops there.. for a while..

We took about 2 hours to reach home after that! HAHAHAHAH coz we kept on taking the wrong lane and didnt manage to turn to the correct lane and couldn't turn to the correct road on time! But we still managed to reach home in one piece without scratching the car!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Su Jung VS Karl

I bought this whole stack of Korean drama DVDs during TS sale and finished one of them during the weekend.. very productive right? :D

Oh Su Jung (OSJ) used to be a beauty queen in her school and she had lots of admirers, but she always told the boys off by telling them to go into Seoul Law University (SLU) if they want to be her bf. Only ugly & overweight Ko Man Soo (KMS) was elated when being told to go to SLU coz he thought there was a chance and indeed he made it to SLU! So OSJ has no choice but to honour her words and let him be her bf.

On the day before their wedding day, KMS found out that he failed his 3rd bar exam and he told OSJ minutes before the wedding. OSJ left him at the altar and flew to USA with another guy who is richer..

8 years after that....

OSJ is a spinster who has nothing much under her name but she has to support her no-income father and a younger brother who only knows how to spend money. KMS on the other hand is a world-known golfer (PGA champion) and he has changed his name to Karl. He also lost a lot of weight after breaking up with OSJ and now looks very handsome. So he has the look and money now and OSJ is trying to get back with him..

SPOILER ahead...

Karl or KMS still likes OSJ even after being dumped and treated so badly in the past, but he wants to know whether OSJ is after his money so he deviced a strategy to find out about it. He paid someone else to paid a millionaire and he himself a famous golfer but with a lot of gambling debts!

The fake millionaire eventually proposed to OSJ and OSJ left him on the altar to be with the penniless Karl! But when OSJ found out that Karl has lied to him about the millionaire, she became very angry and they broke up after that..

Another year passed..

They are both still single and still like each other.. somehow they just got back together.. and happy ending!!

Moral values from this drama:We thought OSJ is a materialistic woman who only marries for money. That's actually a misunderstanding! OSJ did like KMS who was fat and overweight but she was young and she has a huge burden where she needs to take care of her family and her family's debt.

This is quite a touching drama and I really like it :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too much exciting stuff!!

The current state of our flat... is still messy but more complete now..

We finally collected the curtains for the other common room and living room.. I don't really like the common room curtain design *will pose the photo after I get my new camera.. gave my old camera to my siblings n parents..*, my hubby chose it.. so nvm.. anyway his parents will be the one who occupy that room most often..

and the living room curtain is too short!! it onli touches until the cornices! I was so upset loh!! How can the IKEA ppl make the curtain wrongly!!! My hubby measured the curtain and said that's the correct measurement as what we gave IKEA *faint* means we measured the curtain wrongly lah!! haizz... should we go n make another set of curtain then... seems like a waste of money.. haiz.. everything is so perfect.. the color, texture.. but if u bend ur head a bit u can see that the curtain is too short.. :(

And we finally bought our electric water kettle! and a lot of cooking stuff.. the house looks more like a home now :)

And I need a new camera!! I feel so lost without a camera.. blogger cannot work!! I went to Courts Tampines and they have A LOT A LOT of different brands and models, I was soooooo confused which model to buy! Must buy by end of this week lah!

Oh and Eugenia gave birth to a baby boy! So exciting! She kept us in suspense because she texted us from the delivery room! She said "no pain at all, I got epidural" but I still find her very powerful! We're going to visit her tomorrow! :)

And I'm so excited to start my new job next Monday.. and fly to US for training on Saturday.. waaaaaaaa... I can hardly contain my excitement..!!!

And my hubby received news that he's got his COE and his new car number is out and we can go and collect it Thursday onwards!! Waaaa.. no need to squeeze inside MRT anymore!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fat or thin is relative

My hubby was changing the light bulb this afternoon so he was standing on the ladder when I noticed that the step is a bit bent..

Me: Are you the cause why the step is bent?
Hubby: Yeah, max weight is 80 kg
Me: Wow.. I will cry if I'm 80 kg..
Hubby: I'll be very happy if I'm 80 kg!
Me: I will cry even if I'm 70 kg!
Hubby: I'll be ON TOP OF THE WORLD if I'm 70 kg! HAHAHAHA

He's trying to achieve what I'm trying to avoid!!

I'm back

Haven't been blogging for quite some time coz I'm sooooooo sooooooo busy and also LAZY! Ok, just a recap of what happened when I was lazy..

I went back to Jakarta for sis wedding and also to meet up with my relatives there.. been 6 months since I saw them.. so long!! I dyed my hair for sis wedding too coz the black roots are showing already.. my sis took a long time to shower and hence my dye time extended to more than 35 minutes (actually recommended was 20 minutes).. I thought my hair was going to turn white color coz I was using bleech / blonde hair color.. Check out my new hair color.. I was terrified at it when I first washed the dye.. and it doesnt look even at all !!!

I havent managed to lose weight for the wedding so there are lots of fat photos of myself! And on those photos that I don't look fat, I look flat.. ARRGGHHH!!!!

Ok enough bad stuff about me... I think my sis wedding was a huge success. I like her make-up and hairdo.. nice nice =) The reception was also a huge success, lots of ppl turned up for the wedding and it was really lively! I like the part where the groom and bride meet at the pavillion and the groom went on his knees and give her flower.. so romantic loh!! Here are some photos from her wedding..

And more... remember to check out the crazy bridesmaid.. hehehehe :p

Oh we also went to one of the optician because my hubby wants to make a new specs.. then I found this very very useful tool there!! A RULER!! You see my auntie has been saying that the distance between my eyes are too far apart, so I was all out to prove her wrong! I measured my sisters eyes and my eyes! All 3 of us have the same eye distance loh!!

I asked the optician whether can give me one of the ruler and she said can so I took it and measure my auntie's house when I met her. It turned out that her eye distance in half cm less than ours, and my mom has the same eye distance as my auntie.. does it mean the eye distance increase half cm for every generation?? If so, then maybe my great grandchildren will look like chicken! HAHAHHAHAHAH :D

Ok enough crap, it turn out that the one generation below turn out just fine.. cute actually.. some pics of my cousin's 6 month old baby.. so cute loh!!

The rest of the happenings that happened after I came back to Singapore shall be in another post.. when I'm feeling less lazy..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What do you do when you are bored in office?

Alvin was on training and I was really bored, so I did this to his desk... *All photos courtesy of Akh, taken on the next day*

Seems like something is missing... so...

Now this looks complete!!

I did the same thing to Pratip's desk when he went on a meeting.. I didn't label much of his stuff but I used a post-it to cover the infrared part of his mouse.. And that fella actually went to reboot his PC!! HAHHAHAHAHAHH :D

But he still looked very happy about it.. dun believe? Look at the photo below..

Updates from last weekend

I haven't been blogging for quite some time (almost 1 week!!) due to busy schedule.. so this will be a super long post...

Friday 6 June 2008
Ok I went to work as usual *nothing special* and I went to buy lots of Bodyshop stuff from Raffles Place while waiting for my hubby to come from his office.. some of the bodyshop stuff is here *macham going to open another outlet at home!*

So heavy to bring home you know!!! And then we were going to IKEA.. very hungry so eat first at this cafe at Courts Tampines... look at the uncle so excited abt his fish and chips! HAHAHAHA..

We "fast hands and fast legs" settled all the rest of the curtains stuff for living room and common room. We also bought some stuff to decorate our new home, like the big cushion with colorful cover, plates dryer, etc. We also bought a new queen size bedframe to put inside the common room, 2 more side tables for living room and 1 more bedside table for our room.. our home seems to be more complete now =)

This is the current state of the house.. still messy but feel more homey now :)

Saturday 7 June 2008
HDB officer came to our flat because there's water leakage from outside the HDB wall into our flat *waste our $$$ replastering the wall!!* and they confirmed it's structural problem so they'll send someone to take gondola and fix it from outside. When? Dunno.

Then Jess and her hubby came to our place to give us a nice rice cooker! Her hubby actually called us "rice cooker sales girl"

And then after bloggers finish their work at my flat (means take a lot of photos!) we headed towards Ubi becoz Jess and hubby were going to collect their new Airwave (we go kaypoh!) and my hubby and I wanted to go to Cycle & Carriage authorized dealer at Ubi. Their new car is really big and spacious! I like the reverse camera, it's so cool!!

Jess and her hubby then dropped us at the Mitsubishi showroom at Ubi but we didnt book any car there then we headed towards Leng Kee, better deal over there so my hubby booked a car there. He test drove the car, it was the first time I sat in the car when he drives!! hehehhe so honoured loh :D:D

I used to wonder whether it's safe to sit inside his car, but after the test drive, he seems very steady =) So anyway, he booked his car oredi so next time I can be a full-time parasite!! YEAH!!! Next time he can fetch me to and from work and then on weekends I can BORROW his car to go out!! so fun loh!!! But one problem is I have very very very bad sense of direction.. maybe I should get GPS :D

Then his fren also joined us at the showroom then went back together to our flat coz the contractor was coming to install our new bathroom mirror. Niceeeee... full size mirror.. looks like hotel one! :D

Then we went to have dinner together with all of them at Changi Village, it's very near from our new flat! Imagine if we are still at the old place, from Chinese Garden to Changi Village.. noooooooo.... then they were so onz loh.. they tried to search for mahjong table at changi village.. even went to giant at tampines to search for that!! then at the end they found it at Rivervale Plaza.. *faint*

And then they were there at our flat playing mahjong until 1 AM !! *faint* like as if there's no tomorrow !! And I hate the bulky mahjong table!! So big and ugly.. green color.. YOU STUPID MAHJONG TABLE, GO LIVE INSIDE THE BOMB SHELTER!!!

Anyway Saturday started on a high note for me but ended on a bad note.. I don't know why but I felt I was being bullied on that day and kena tekan continuously !!

Sunday 8 June 2008
I started my Sunday by doing CHANGE REQUEST !!! I was sharing my desktop so I couldnt do other thing like chatting while the script is running *so boring* but the meeting place chat feature is quite fun lah, can share nonsense jokes with my colleagues.. hahaha.. anyway the stupid change request dragged longer than expected lah.. i was so tired and hungry...

Then my hubby packed Mac D breakfast from Rivervale Mall *yeah big breakfast!! all diets plan forgotten!* so I ate my bfast while doing change request loh..

Fast forward... change request ended.. we started to paint the TV console from brown to glossy black.. it seems easy but actually very tiring.. the glossy paint is very thick and needs to use lots of energy to spread it over the TV console.. and I ended with glossy black legs and hands as well!!! So hard to remove the paint!! My hubby helped to remove the paint using cooking oil.. it actually helped a little bit, but I think we can make lots of tempura using the oil that we use to remove the oil.. at the end my hubby went to the mall again to buy thinner.. whoa so easy to remove using the thinner...

I think I was in the toilet for almost half an hour trying to rub away the paint loh.. then the very brilliant thinner do the job in a few seconds!! Anyway the paint take quite some time to dry... we wanted to play it safe so we wait one day before using the TV console..

Then my hubby also setup the Samsung DVD player and speakers set.. so now this is how our living room TV console looks like...

After finished painting the TV console, we tidied up the house a bit more and then went out to CK Tangs to buy dress for my sis wedding.. It was 8+ and the auntie was hurrying us up becoz they were closing! What's wrong man... turned out they close early on Sundays! wah seh.. at the end I settled my dress in like 10 minutes!! fastest dress shopping ever! And I'm so happy that I dropped a dress size!!!

The rest of the day went on as normal...... nothing special... dinner.. shopping.. go home...

I feel so tired writing this blog post.. so long lah.... going to sleep to recover my energy so that I can blog again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our messy BUT NICE flat

Ok this is the mad house pics..

Totally need a break to tidy up the house! No conference calls allowed!!

Do NOT Jaywalk!

Today I nearly got myself killed or at least badly injured when I jaywalked back to office after lunch.. You see there's this stupid junction where you have to cross the road 3 times to get to the road just opposite you..

I was not in a rush or anything, so I don't know why my judgement was so bad just now! I crossed half way and the cars started to move from the other side and I was so stunned that I didn't know what to do! I just stopped there in the middle of the road while my colleague sprinted to the other side already! At the end all the cars stop to give way to me! So paiseh I tell you!!

Anyway, since I stopped quite suddenly, now my ankle is a bit painful too! :(

Maybe today is not a good day for me.. and lesson of the day: DO NOT JAYWALK!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random updates

So today is our 3rd day living in Sengkang and we havent finished unpacking most of the boxes and there are luggages and travel bags in our room and other rooms as well... The flat now pretty much looks like a mad house!!

And I don't have time to unpack because I gotta go work in the day and still continue to work at night... those never ending conference calls!!

And I just managed to setup our home wireless network *YAY!!* I'm gloating about it because it's not easy to setup. We are using D-Link router which is not as straight forward as Linksys, bought it few years ago coz a fren recommended it and it's also cheaper than Linksys router.. anyway, now I can connect to internet from home! :)

Tomorrow there's a conference call as well.... and so is Thursday.... when can I have time to go out... I wanna go IKEA and get stuff for my new house... sigh... I'm glad these crazy working hours is going to end soon..

Anyway, today I had my exit interview with HR... nothing much happen.. and I doubt there will be any improvement after I gave my feedback.. and there are a lot of stuff that I'd like to rant about but I'll just wait until everything is finalized before I complained so much about it, who knows it might not be true...

And I still gotta hunt for that dress for my sis wedding!! ARRRGGHHHH !!!

And today is the first day I went to work from Sengkang.. so many people boarded the train already when the train reached SK, no seat... then I was quite blur becoz I'm still not familiar with the NEL. Someone got up after Farrer Park so I sat down on that chair, but few seconds after that the announcement said "Next stop Dhoby Ghaut interchange" so I gotta get up again! HAHAHAHA.. feel so dumb.. then I was also a bit blur when trying to change to the North-South line.. i think walking from Raffles Place MRT to office is further than walking from Tanjong Pagar MRT.. tiring.. and it was drizzling.. big enough to irritate you but too small to take out the umbrella kind...

Today went back to in-laws house to have dinner and get some of our stuff and the important letter! :)

Hau Teck picked us up from in-laws house and drove us home.. he was car-warming his car. He just bought a Lancer.. it's quite comfortable to sit and the boot is very big.. there were 2 big men, 1 medium size man, and a man who is about my size and me in the car. It was not squeezy, so I think the car can be considered as spacious :)

Anyway, gotta run!! Conference call time again!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - June

May was a very long month and a lot of things have happened this month.. from my boss quiting to me getting a new job and resigning from my current one, but I'll blog about those things in a separate post and just do my resolution check for now.. Of course, I'm on track but only for those "materialistic" goals, guess I just have to try harder for my other goals :)

So here it goes..

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. We officially moved there on the 19th of May but didnt actually stay there because the house is still very empty and we want to paint the house anyway. We finished our mini reno quite fast (but with a slightly higher cost than expected due to unforeseen circumstances) and we just moved to our new flat yesterday!! I'm now the happiest person on Earth :)
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) Maybe it's easier to treat him nicer now that we have our own place and I won't have that extra "stress" :p
  3. Lost weight!!! STILL 8 kg to target weight.. even though I thought I'll lose more due to moving house and all the cleaning activities.. but it seems that the weight only drop by another 300 grams.. Jess said muscle is heavier than fats.. I hope this is the case! :D
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( No plan so far... no $$$ already after paying for the flat :p
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! so far so good =)
  6. Be better spiritually :) oops, not doing well here either...
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥ checked ♥
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! ♥ checked ♥
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) I'm leaving it all to my hubby to decide what car to buy since we're not buying Honda Jazz anymore.. the promo in the website turn out to be a "fake" one which will only be worth if you have lots of cash to pay as DP...

Overall, this year is a really good year for me so far :)

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