Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm back

Haven't been blogging for quite some time coz I'm sooooooo sooooooo busy and also LAZY! Ok, just a recap of what happened when I was lazy..

I went back to Jakarta for sis wedding and also to meet up with my relatives there.. been 6 months since I saw them.. so long!! I dyed my hair for sis wedding too coz the black roots are showing already.. my sis took a long time to shower and hence my dye time extended to more than 35 minutes (actually recommended was 20 minutes).. I thought my hair was going to turn white color coz I was using bleech / blonde hair color.. Check out my new hair color.. I was terrified at it when I first washed the dye.. and it doesnt look even at all !!!

I havent managed to lose weight for the wedding so there are lots of fat photos of myself! And on those photos that I don't look fat, I look flat.. ARRGGHHH!!!!

Ok enough bad stuff about me... I think my sis wedding was a huge success. I like her make-up and hairdo.. nice nice =) The reception was also a huge success, lots of ppl turned up for the wedding and it was really lively! I like the part where the groom and bride meet at the pavillion and the groom went on his knees and give her flower.. so romantic loh!! Here are some photos from her wedding..

And more... remember to check out the crazy bridesmaid.. hehehehe :p

Oh we also went to one of the optician because my hubby wants to make a new specs.. then I found this very very useful tool there!! A RULER!! You see my auntie has been saying that the distance between my eyes are too far apart, so I was all out to prove her wrong! I measured my sisters eyes and my eyes! All 3 of us have the same eye distance loh!!

I asked the optician whether can give me one of the ruler and she said can so I took it and measure my auntie's house when I met her. It turned out that her eye distance in half cm less than ours, and my mom has the same eye distance as my auntie.. does it mean the eye distance increase half cm for every generation?? If so, then maybe my great grandchildren will look like chicken! HAHAHHAHAHAH :D

Ok enough crap, it turn out that the one generation below turn out just fine.. cute actually.. some pics of my cousin's 6 month old baby.. so cute loh!!

The rest of the happenings that happened after I came back to Singapore shall be in another post.. when I'm feeling less lazy..

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