Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's finally here!

We collected our new car today! Jianghan was there also to help spot any scratch / dent / defects on the car, didn't find any except for a few small bubbles at the side of the solar film. The sales girl said just use finger to push it to the side then it should be ok.. Hopefully what she said is true!!

Will post photos of the car next time when I bought my new camera...

So hubby drove the car back to his office car park and then we went lunch after that. Then I drove the car back to my office, kena 1 dollar ERP loh!! After that my hubby drove the car back to his own office..

The drama stops there.. for a while..

We took about 2 hours to reach home after that! HAHAHAHAH coz we kept on taking the wrong lane and didnt manage to turn to the correct lane and couldn't turn to the correct road on time! But we still managed to reach home in one piece without scratching the car!

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