Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Su Jung VS Karl

I bought this whole stack of Korean drama DVDs during TS sale and finished one of them during the weekend.. very productive right? :D

Oh Su Jung (OSJ) used to be a beauty queen in her school and she had lots of admirers, but she always told the boys off by telling them to go into Seoul Law University (SLU) if they want to be her bf. Only ugly & overweight Ko Man Soo (KMS) was elated when being told to go to SLU coz he thought there was a chance and indeed he made it to SLU! So OSJ has no choice but to honour her words and let him be her bf.

On the day before their wedding day, KMS found out that he failed his 3rd bar exam and he told OSJ minutes before the wedding. OSJ left him at the altar and flew to USA with another guy who is richer..

8 years after that....

OSJ is a spinster who has nothing much under her name but she has to support her no-income father and a younger brother who only knows how to spend money. KMS on the other hand is a world-known golfer (PGA champion) and he has changed his name to Karl. He also lost a lot of weight after breaking up with OSJ and now looks very handsome. So he has the look and money now and OSJ is trying to get back with him..

SPOILER ahead...

Karl or KMS still likes OSJ even after being dumped and treated so badly in the past, but he wants to know whether OSJ is after his money so he deviced a strategy to find out about it. He paid someone else to paid a millionaire and he himself a famous golfer but with a lot of gambling debts!

The fake millionaire eventually proposed to OSJ and OSJ left him on the altar to be with the penniless Karl! But when OSJ found out that Karl has lied to him about the millionaire, she became very angry and they broke up after that..

Another year passed..

They are both still single and still like each other.. somehow they just got back together.. and happy ending!!

Moral values from this drama:We thought OSJ is a materialistic woman who only marries for money. That's actually a misunderstanding! OSJ did like KMS who was fat and overweight but she was young and she has a huge burden where she needs to take care of her family and her family's debt.

This is quite a touching drama and I really like it :)

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