Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random updates

So today is our 3rd day living in Sengkang and we havent finished unpacking most of the boxes and there are luggages and travel bags in our room and other rooms as well... The flat now pretty much looks like a mad house!!

And I don't have time to unpack because I gotta go work in the day and still continue to work at night... those never ending conference calls!!

And I just managed to setup our home wireless network *YAY!!* I'm gloating about it because it's not easy to setup. We are using D-Link router which is not as straight forward as Linksys, bought it few years ago coz a fren recommended it and it's also cheaper than Linksys router.. anyway, now I can connect to internet from home! :)

Tomorrow there's a conference call as well.... and so is Thursday.... when can I have time to go out... I wanna go IKEA and get stuff for my new house... sigh... I'm glad these crazy working hours is going to end soon..

Anyway, today I had my exit interview with HR... nothing much happen.. and I doubt there will be any improvement after I gave my feedback.. and there are a lot of stuff that I'd like to rant about but I'll just wait until everything is finalized before I complained so much about it, who knows it might not be true...

And I still gotta hunt for that dress for my sis wedding!! ARRRGGHHHH !!!

And today is the first day I went to work from Sengkang.. so many people boarded the train already when the train reached SK, no seat... then I was quite blur becoz I'm still not familiar with the NEL. Someone got up after Farrer Park so I sat down on that chair, but few seconds after that the announcement said "Next stop Dhoby Ghaut interchange" so I gotta get up again! HAHAHAHA.. feel so dumb.. then I was also a bit blur when trying to change to the North-South line.. i think walking from Raffles Place MRT to office is further than walking from Tanjong Pagar MRT.. tiring.. and it was drizzling.. big enough to irritate you but too small to take out the umbrella kind...

Today went back to in-laws house to have dinner and get some of our stuff and the important letter! :)

Hau Teck picked us up from in-laws house and drove us home.. he was car-warming his car. He just bought a Lancer.. it's quite comfortable to sit and the boot is very big.. there were 2 big men, 1 medium size man, and a man who is about my size and me in the car. It was not squeezy, so I think the car can be considered as spacious :)

Anyway, gotta run!! Conference call time again!!

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