Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too much exciting stuff!!

The current state of our flat... is still messy but more complete now..

We finally collected the curtains for the other common room and living room.. I don't really like the common room curtain design *will pose the photo after I get my new camera.. gave my old camera to my siblings n parents..*, my hubby chose it.. so nvm.. anyway his parents will be the one who occupy that room most often..

and the living room curtain is too short!! it onli touches until the cornices! I was so upset loh!! How can the IKEA ppl make the curtain wrongly!!! My hubby measured the curtain and said that's the correct measurement as what we gave IKEA *faint* means we measured the curtain wrongly lah!! haizz... should we go n make another set of curtain then... seems like a waste of money.. haiz.. everything is so perfect.. the color, texture.. but if u bend ur head a bit u can see that the curtain is too short.. :(

And we finally bought our electric water kettle! and a lot of cooking stuff.. the house looks more like a home now :)

And I need a new camera!! I feel so lost without a camera.. blogger cannot work!! I went to Courts Tampines and they have A LOT A LOT of different brands and models, I was soooooo confused which model to buy! Must buy by end of this week lah!

Oh and Eugenia gave birth to a baby boy! So exciting! She kept us in suspense because she texted us from the delivery room! She said "no pain at all, I got epidural" but I still find her very powerful! We're going to visit her tomorrow! :)

And I'm so excited to start my new job next Monday.. and fly to US for training on Saturday.. waaaaaaaa... I can hardly contain my excitement..!!!

And my hubby received news that he's got his COE and his new car number is out and we can go and collect it Thursday onwards!! Waaaa.. no need to squeeze inside MRT anymore!!

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