Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Updates from last weekend

I haven't been blogging for quite some time (almost 1 week!!) due to busy schedule.. so this will be a super long post...

Friday 6 June 2008
Ok I went to work as usual *nothing special* and I went to buy lots of Bodyshop stuff from Raffles Place while waiting for my hubby to come from his office.. some of the bodyshop stuff is here *macham going to open another outlet at home!*

So heavy to bring home you know!!! And then we were going to IKEA.. very hungry so eat first at this cafe at Courts Tampines... look at the uncle so excited abt his fish and chips! HAHAHAHA..

We "fast hands and fast legs" settled all the rest of the curtains stuff for living room and common room. We also bought some stuff to decorate our new home, like the big cushion with colorful cover, plates dryer, etc. We also bought a new queen size bedframe to put inside the common room, 2 more side tables for living room and 1 more bedside table for our room.. our home seems to be more complete now =)

This is the current state of the house.. still messy but feel more homey now :)

Saturday 7 June 2008
HDB officer came to our flat because there's water leakage from outside the HDB wall into our flat *waste our $$$ replastering the wall!!* and they confirmed it's structural problem so they'll send someone to take gondola and fix it from outside. When? Dunno.

Then Jess and her hubby came to our place to give us a nice rice cooker! Her hubby actually called us "rice cooker sales girl"

And then after bloggers finish their work at my flat (means take a lot of photos!) we headed towards Ubi becoz Jess and hubby were going to collect their new Airwave (we go kaypoh!) and my hubby and I wanted to go to Cycle & Carriage authorized dealer at Ubi. Their new car is really big and spacious! I like the reverse camera, it's so cool!!

Jess and her hubby then dropped us at the Mitsubishi showroom at Ubi but we didnt book any car there then we headed towards Leng Kee, better deal over there so my hubby booked a car there. He test drove the car, it was the first time I sat in the car when he drives!! hehehhe so honoured loh :D:D

I used to wonder whether it's safe to sit inside his car, but after the test drive, he seems very steady =) So anyway, he booked his car oredi so next time I can be a full-time parasite!! YEAH!!! Next time he can fetch me to and from work and then on weekends I can BORROW his car to go out!! so fun loh!!! But one problem is I have very very very bad sense of direction.. maybe I should get GPS :D

Then his fren also joined us at the showroom then went back together to our flat coz the contractor was coming to install our new bathroom mirror. Niceeeee... full size mirror.. looks like hotel one! :D

Then we went to have dinner together with all of them at Changi Village, it's very near from our new flat! Imagine if we are still at the old place, from Chinese Garden to Changi Village.. noooooooo.... then they were so onz loh.. they tried to search for mahjong table at changi village.. even went to giant at tampines to search for that!! then at the end they found it at Rivervale Plaza.. *faint*

And then they were there at our flat playing mahjong until 1 AM !! *faint* like as if there's no tomorrow !! And I hate the bulky mahjong table!! So big and ugly.. green color.. YOU STUPID MAHJONG TABLE, GO LIVE INSIDE THE BOMB SHELTER!!!

Anyway Saturday started on a high note for me but ended on a bad note.. I don't know why but I felt I was being bullied on that day and kena tekan continuously !!

Sunday 8 June 2008
I started my Sunday by doing CHANGE REQUEST !!! I was sharing my desktop so I couldnt do other thing like chatting while the script is running *so boring* but the meeting place chat feature is quite fun lah, can share nonsense jokes with my colleagues.. hahaha.. anyway the stupid change request dragged longer than expected lah.. i was so tired and hungry...

Then my hubby packed Mac D breakfast from Rivervale Mall *yeah big breakfast!! all diets plan forgotten!* so I ate my bfast while doing change request loh..

Fast forward... change request ended.. we started to paint the TV console from brown to glossy black.. it seems easy but actually very tiring.. the glossy paint is very thick and needs to use lots of energy to spread it over the TV console.. and I ended with glossy black legs and hands as well!!! So hard to remove the paint!! My hubby helped to remove the paint using cooking oil.. it actually helped a little bit, but I think we can make lots of tempura using the oil that we use to remove the oil.. at the end my hubby went to the mall again to buy thinner.. whoa so easy to remove using the thinner...

I think I was in the toilet for almost half an hour trying to rub away the paint loh.. then the very brilliant thinner do the job in a few seconds!! Anyway the paint take quite some time to dry... we wanted to play it safe so we wait one day before using the TV console..

Then my hubby also setup the Samsung DVD player and speakers set.. so now this is how our living room TV console looks like...

After finished painting the TV console, we tidied up the house a bit more and then went out to CK Tangs to buy dress for my sis wedding.. It was 8+ and the auntie was hurrying us up becoz they were closing! What's wrong man... turned out they close early on Sundays! wah seh.. at the end I settled my dress in like 10 minutes!! fastest dress shopping ever! And I'm so happy that I dropped a dress size!!!

The rest of the day went on as normal...... nothing special... dinner.. shopping.. go home...

I feel so tired writing this blog post.. so long lah.... going to sleep to recover my energy so that I can blog again tomorrow!!

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