Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long way to lunch

Siyong said that there's a nice chicken rice place at Phillip Street so we decided to meet there for lunch. She said it's near a big temple and I thought I roughly know where it is because I saw the big temple before. Ailing warned us and she said it's better to meet somewhere I know the exact location is. But I thought since I know the location and she said it's nearby the temple, then it should be quite easy to find.. so I didnt even check the map!


So when it's lunch time, I walked to the big temple that I know, which is at Telok Ayer Road and couldnt find anyone selling chicken rice! So I called her *started to panic* and realized that there are a few temples around there! At the end Siyong managed to direct me to the correct place.. and it was sooooooo far! I thought I was going to die on my way to chicken rice.. please loh, it's not even something very nice! it's just chicken rice, not steak or anything! Certainly not worth dying! Anyway, this is map courtesy of Google, edited with MS Paint so that I can mark the road that I took.. Siyong called this "sotong map".. it's really quite sotong lah..

The chicken rice was so so!! I thought it should taste very delicious after all the hard work! Argh so not worth it! And of course the journey back to the office was much shorter :D

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