Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marrying a Millionaire

I finished another Korean drama! This story is about a reality show where a fake millionaire, Yonghoon who is actually low-educated and penniless, is looking for a bride. There are many beautiful women who applied to be in the show and 8 women are in the final show, including Yonghoon's first love, Eunyong, who had no idea that Yonghoon is the bachelor and she thought that Yonghoon was pretending to be poor previously!

After some misunderstandings, Eunyong dumped Yonghoon after the show. But they have to pretend that they are dating so that viewers won't say that the show was planned or scripted. But one thing led to another, Eunyong was wrongly accused of two-timing Yonghoon and branded as materialistic and shallow girl. Yonghoon who really likes Eunyong won't sit back and let Eunyong took the hardship and so he held a press conference and things started to roll back to poverty to him, he lost all his recording contracts and had to go back to work as construction worker.

Eunyong who has started to fall for Yonghoon searched for him everywhere and eventually managed to find him. They started dating again but they are many people who tried to tear them apart.. but of course as all other movies.. love conquers everything! hahahaha.. how? go and watch the show :)

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