Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My new camera

Bought this Canon IXUS 80 IS camera last Sunday but didn't blog about it coz too lazy... anyway I decided to buy Canon IXUS again same as my previous camera because I'm too used to the way the camera works and it makes me think that camera is supposed to work that way.. so I'm sticking to it!

Granted, the picture is not as nice as those with SLR but hey this is just a normal compact digicam and it's good enough for me coz it's an improved version of my old camera with bigger megapixels, face recognition, anti-shake, but same optical zoom though.. And I choose the PINK color of course!

Anyway that was me camera whoring in the toilet.. otherwise, how do you suggest I take picture of the camera?

And if you noticed, I actually dyed my hair brown again because I was worried that people in the new office will get terrified when they see my blonde hair! So no more blonde..

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