Monday, July 28, 2008

Not extreme makeover

I know my hair grow fast but I didn't expect it to be that long. Someone once took a photo of me from the back and I was so shocked to see my hair! I could practically act in a ghost movie without extra make-up!!

So when Siyong asked me whether I wanna go with her to cut hair, I straight away say yes.. and this is the result! We were behaving so bimbotic.. take photos of new hair.. go home take more vain photos...

Siyong forced me to upload the photos, that's why I'm blogging about my new hair now when I'm so tired and have a magazine to read! And if you are wondering why a hair cut makes my hair looks so curly, that's because the hairstylist was determined to prove to me that perming my hair will look nice..

Yes lah I know it will look nice, but I don't want to spend extra 20 minutes in the morning to gel my hair... unless it will perpetually look like that by itself.. the last time I permed my hair, it turned out like maggie mee and I rebonded it after a few months!

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