Monday, July 28, 2008

Things that happened when I was lazy..

There are a few big moments around me that's worth mentioning in this blog, but I was too lazy to blog then..

Eugenia's baby first month

It was on the Sunday after I came back from Mt. View training. I was running late and my phone was flat and I told Jess to call me on my hubby's phone instead. My hubby's phone has bye bye ring ring installed. But that suaku Jess didn't know what that is! And the phone was on silent mode and I didn't realize it was vibrating so I didn't pick up the phone. So the phone was singing Quando quando, and she thought that's the voicemail! She said she was waiting for the song to finish so that she can leave a message! HAHAAHAHAHHAHA super sotong in action :D

When we reach Eug's place, we were the first one who started eating! I'm sure the rest wanted to eat but nobody started so they are paiseh. Since my hubby doesn't know anyone there (not even Eug), he started it! He buay paiseh laa... hahahaha..

Congrats Eug & hubby for your first born! :)

Minor car accident

There was one night that we were driving from YCK (fetch my sis and her hubby) to go and eat dinner at Bishan. We were on the turn left lane but I didn't know the way so instead of being my usual bossy and rude self, I was trying to be nice and asked my hubby "Are you going to turn left?" then he replied me "Dunno, still trying to find the way.." and then he went straight...

It was like a slow motion, I saw the car from the lane next to us coming towards us.. I was pointing at it, but my brain just couldn't think fast enough of what action to do (maybe I shd have pulled the steering wheel?).. and then next thing is we heard a loud sound, then my sis screamed! So loud!!

So I think it's really our fault because we were in the wrong lane.. so we gotta pay the other's guy repair cost also.. there goes our NCD!! As for our 1-month old car, the workshop said need to change the driver's door, side skirt, etc, and also do paint job for the 2 right doors.. $$$$ fly out of pocket..

Fortunately, nobody is hurt physically! We were so shocked... it was really a minor accident and it was such a low speed, but the sound was really loud... I can't imagine those accidents where people were driving in high speed.. scary...

Moral of the story: Drive carefully!


We finally invited a few friends over for dinner after so long! Maybe we moved in for about 2 months already? I can't really remember.. But having a flat is something that we have wanted for a very long time (2+ years) and finally we have it, so we are really happy to show it to our friends.

We are also very happy when people say that our flat looks nice (without reno!) hehehe coz it means we have good taste! :D

Thanks to everyone who comes and make our house feel warmer :)
Also thanks for all the nice congrats and presents that you guys give us :)

And don't ask me why Ailing took photo of her feet.. I have no idea.. hahahaha.. Ailing, here you go.. picture of your precious feet..

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